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Chicago, Beverly air conditioning repair

Beverly air conditioning repair Chicago, repair central air conditioning in the Beverly neighborhood area of Chicago.

A majority of the older homes of Beverly Chicago have boilers, and central air conditioning is a tricky task to say the least. Of course we all know about the  Spacepak and the Unico systems which allows people who live in the older homes of Beverly to have central air conditioning.  How so, may you ask?  Let me explain, the spacepak or unico systems are high velosity air conditioning systems that sends the air conditioned air spiraling through small 7 inch or 9 inch round or square duct as the main line and then sends the higher velocity air stream with greater force through 2 inch piping that can be snaked through the wall cavities with out the major construction mess and the loss of space.

The Unico system is are preference of specialized a/c systems to install due to the fact that all pieces are snap together and can fit through a 14″ x 14″ hole in the ceiling attic where the return air grill will be located.  No construction mess.  Neat huh!

Spacepak air conditioning is OK and pretty much works the same as unico.

The Beverly area of Chicago is one of the top neighborhoods with spacepak and unico systems installed, I know because we installed 50 systems over the years in Beverly.  Installing Central air conditioning in All the old historical homes and the tough to do homes is our mission statement.  Sounds greedy, well its not, its exciting and a challenge, and at the same time and you can earn a living installing them.  Spring cleaning is available for your central air conditioning system today!

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