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Air Conditioner Service Repair Contractor In IL

Air Conditioner Service Repair Contractor In IL

Air conditioner service repair contractor in Il is reminding the air conditioning using good folks of Chicago,IL and the South suburbs of Chicago,IL that its time to have your central air conditioner looked after.

air conditioner service repair contractor in IL
Maintain the central air conditioner can save you money, repair cost and Refrigerant cost are soaring.

The warm days are just around the corner, sure it will be cool at night but with a snap of the finger the heat will come ah blazing. And when you flip your thermostat from heat to cool and nothing happens, then what?

More than likely a air conditioner service repair contractor in Il will be receiving a call from you stating that your central air conditioner is not working. This scenario could be avoided by having your central air conditioner tuned up pre season.

We don’t perform a 40 point check like our competitors state but we do perform all necessary service functions such as cleaning the out door unit first off, checking that the capacitor and the contactor insuring both parts are fully functional and have no pitting on contacts, If the condenser fan motor can be oiled we do so.

Some condenser fan motors are pre lubed or sealed lubed during manufacturing. We also check deflection of fan blade to insure proper air flow, there have been occasions where tree twigs have fallen on top on the condenser and worked its way into the fan blade and when the air conditioner was turned on the fan blade got lopsided.
Of coarse we check the Refrigerant levels to insure proper charge. In the home at the furnace we insure furnace filter is clean and that the ac drain line is clear and draining properly. Also we insure that the blower is running at full capacity as its rated for. We check electrical connections of furnace key components. We do a complete visual inspection of the furnace area as a precaution, thats what we do.

Preventive maintenance programs on both your air conditioning system and your furnace will ensure your systems are operating at peak efficiency. The end result is a cool comfortable environment for the whole family. We here at  Around The Town Heating and Cooling a Chicago Air Conditioning Service Repair Contractor in IL is family owned and operated. We are not as big and flashy as our competitors but we treat our customers with respect, and we do are best to accommodate all requests for our services. Call today  Chicago 312-243-9896 or Suburbs 708-388-2247

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