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My Furnace maintenance is a call to action to have your furnace or heater cleaned and verify as safe. Furnace neglect is so widely seen in our industry makes me wonder why?Possible because the old adage, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it! Many of our customers found out that this adage isn’t the case concerning their heating system. My Furnace maintenance neglect considering our volatile weather patterns should not happen. We know that forgetting to have your heating system maintained happens, but your safety and the wellness of furnace or boiler should be up on your top ten list of do’s. However the majority of the furnace owning consumer never gets the furnace cleaned or maintained. Of coarse it becomes an urgency when the heat in your domicile seems inconsistent or fails completely. So a basic furnace cleaning which is generally less expensive than a furnace repair so therefore …

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HVAC Repair Chicago has many pages of HVAC repair Contractors trying to sell you their services through online placement position.Does the HVAC repair contractor on the top of the first page make that HVAC contractor your choice for servicing your HVAC system? I get it, you’re cold or hot depending on the season and want the first HVAC contractor to provide you HVAC service now.I’m curious, does reputation make a difference? Are the online reviews critical in weighing your decision to have the first HVAC contractor you find come to your home?HVAC repair Chicago and search engine marketing now comes down to dollars and cents. The more dollars a HVAC Repair Contractor gives to google the more exposure they get. According to our website guru, it’s all about the Benjamin’s and no longer about relevant content, is this true? I’m not sure. My point is this, you as a consumer …

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Before and After Your Home Heating Furnace Repair

Home heating; the absence of cold. Home heating has many sources of removing cold air from your home. Let’s take fire places for example; fireplaces have been a heating source ever since the creation of fire, however fireplaces were first used during the Roman era, not every Roman had a fireplace, mostly the elite Romans were privileged. Home heating has evolved to every home and business which uses a source of heating such as; central  heating systems, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, geo thermal, solar heating and fireplaces. Heat moves to cold so therefore heating the interior of a structure consumes the cold air. With furnaces though; as a home heating source, the cold is sucked back to the furnace through the return and reconditioned through the heat exchanger making the cold air warm air again and again, thus you have warm air furnaces. With boilers as a home heating source, …

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Since September 15 TH 2018 our success with selling and installing Bryant Furnace and central air conditioners are off the Charts, Thank Bryant!

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Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Beverly, Chicago

An air conditioning repair contractor in the Beverly neighborhood area of Chicago talks about how Air conditioning season is practically finished for this year, however you should be thinking about your air conditioning system. You might question that and say “why would I worry about my air conditioner when summer is almost over. “This is the right time to consider replacing your old air conditioning system with a new high efficiency air conditioning system. Around The Town Heating and Cooling a Chicago Air Conditioning Service Repair Contractor has a trane of thought that says even if you aren’t using your A/C system as frequently or if you are not using it at all, the air conditioner should be maintained to prevent future breakdowns leading to costly repairs. A preventative maintenance program like A/C tune up, even though it is the end of the season, will keep your air conditioning system …

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60643 Chicago Beverly Air Conditioning Repair

60643 Chicago Beverly Air Conditioning Repair Chicago’s notoriously hot summers shouldn’t mean your not comfortable! Around the Town can help.   Around the Town Heating & Cooling, Inc. is here to serve the Beverly area We have experience working in and around the Beverly 60643 area. Heating and air conditioning repair is a service we specialize in throughout the Beverly area of Chicago, IL. If you need a repair, replacement or a new installation of a furnace, air conditioner or boiler, We are available and have the experience to get it done right. Our certified technicians are experts in most major furnace and air conditioning make and models. Please call 708-388-2247 or contact us online today to schedule an in-home consultation with a comfort specialist.

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Chicago Air Conditioning System Repair


  Chicago Air Conditioner Repair Living in the 21st century is all about making life as comfortable as possible. Air Conditioners are a significant part of this era where it’s all about making life easier. However, like everything else, Air Conditioners do require some check-ups and maintenance tasks from time to time. Calling an expert every time would be very costly so there are few of the common issues and their repairs that, if you learn, could save you a few bucks!  Common issues with their Solutions If the AC is not working at all.  Check the main supply to be sure that the AC is getting the power supply. If yes, then reset the switches. Also check the thermostat settings. If all’s well then check for the replaceable capacitors, contactors and fuses. You might need to replace any that’s not working. If you still don’t get any results then …

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Chicago Air conditioning Maintenance Tips

In typical Chicago fashion, Summer came at us full force. Full force as in six consecutive days of 90+ degree heat. Which probably means we have a long, hot summer ahead of us. Around the Town Heating and Cooling has some air conditioner tips to help you keep your home cool, while also helping you save some cash. Chicago AC maintenance and repair Maintenance is the key to air conditioner longevity. AC systems should be inspected annually. Schedule an inspection as soon as possible before intense heat and humidity arrive on a regular basis (and knowing Chicago, it may already be too late). Proper maintenance has plenty of advantages that will improve your AC’s safety, efficiency and performance by reducing your energy use and electricity costs, and prolonging the life of your AC system. The typical inspection of a central AC system should include checking voltage and belt condition, washing …

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How to Choose an Air Conditioner, According to Science – 10 Factors to Consider

When summer is near, there’s no other way to beat the heat other than buying an air conditioner. It’s so easy when you have an intelligent air conditioner that fits the bill in most homes. The cooling technology, fresh-air ventilation, and energy efficiency make an air conditioner a must-buy in the 20th century. So if you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for? A brilliant alternative to cooling without investing a big amount is buying room or portable air conditioners. They’re energy efficient as well as affordable to last for a longer time. Central air conditioner not only requires storage and maintenance, it’s not suitable for many homes. It’s important to pick the right air conditioner that you won’t struggle with. Anything too small or too big in size will leave you with a damp and clammy space. So if you quickly want to know what features to …

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In-Depth Air Conditioning Repair Chicago

Air Conditioning Repair Chicago An Around the Town HVAC contractor says be careful this weekend with the heat advisory.  The weather report is calling for another scorcher this weekend, with temperatures reaching the mid ninety’s. You know everyone will be cranking those air conditioning systems on full blast, trying to beat the heatwave. Aside from going outside and enjoying some late summer events, we all want to return to a nice cool home. Around The Town Heating and Cooling a Chicago air conditioning service repair contractor can help you with your air conditioner needs, be it A/C service repair or new A/C installation. When your old air conditioning system becomes too expensive to repair because of reoccurring problems, and there are no assurances that additional problems wont happen, this is a good time to consider replacing your old air conditioner with a new high efficiency air conditioner. A new high …

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