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Heating,air conditioning and Earth Day

Heating, air conditioning and Earth Day and concern for the environment. It has been said the the distructive power of global warming has a direct tie in with refrigerants used in the HVAC industry.  Ozone depleteing refrigerants are just a small source of global warming. Global warming has been a factor starting back from the days of the industrial revolution, the steel mills, oil refineries, fisheries, the great war and all the missiles and air craft that has been plaguing the skies. I can remember the very first time Earth Day was celebrated back in 1970. I was in 7th grade back in my grammar school in Chicago. The whole week before Earth Day  our teacher talked about the importance of respecting the Earth’s environment and respecting all of nature. She also talked about the growing concern of pollution and the effects on the soil, air and water. Everyone had …

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WestLoop/SouthLoop Airconditioning repair

Spring has arrived and the majority of you high rise condo owners have turned your a/c system on to knock off the rise in the humidity levels of late. Did your a/c perform to your satisfaction thus far? If yes that’s great, and keep it working by have your air conditioning system tune up and cleaned, if your answer was no, then its time to Call Around The Town  Air conditioning services Chicago to get your air conditioning repaired and repaired properly. So far this Spring we have received over 200 calls for tune ups and repairs on the a/c ‘s for high rise condos in Chicago and we made permanent fixes or cleanings on 180 units and the other 20 we installed new air conditioning systems due to burnt out compressors caused by faulty installations. Another cause of compressor failure is from Refrigerant leaking out of the Chicago code pressure relief valves. This …

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Chicago AC Repair Terms

With the summer heat upon us, your central air conditioning unit is going to be working overtime. With extensive use, Air Conditioning Units are prone to wear and require maintenance or repair. Here at Around the Town Heating & Cooling, we make AC Repairs easy. Some common terms associated with Air Conditioning Systems are: Refrigerant 410A (Your AC Unit’s Refrigeration Fluid) Condenser or Condensing Unit (The Unit that sits outside) Condenser Fan Motor (Expels heat from your home interior to the outside) Capacitors Contractor (Takes orders from your inside thermostat) Condenser Coils These are just a few of the terms associated with the inner workings of your AC system. With proper maintenance, you can avoid needing Air Conditioning Repair. When you need either, Around the Town Heating & Cooling is here to help! Call us today for a free new installation estimate!

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Home Air Conditioning System Tune up

Home air conditioning system tune up   Central Air conditioning cleaning verses central air conditioning tune up! Some contractors say that they tune up your air conditioning system but actually all they do is clean it with water, hook up their refrigeration gauges and then sell you more Refrigerant. The proper a/c tune up should consist of cleaning your outdoor condenser using an environmentally friendly condenser cleaning solution that safe to your pets, grass and flowers. Checking your Refrigerant level based on outdoor temperatures and humidity factors as well blower speed, cleanliness of your furnace or air handler filter as well the condition of the evaporator coil. A good hvac mechanic when cleaning your home air conditioner should offer at an extra charge to you these items that will really benefit your energy consumption as well promoting the longevity of your air conditioning system. A good residential air conditioner tune up …

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A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better

A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better? This question comes up often in conversations with customers and hvac technicians as well. A/C replacement for energy efficiency is always a good idea in order to help decrease the carbon footprint of the earth’s atmosphere. However repairing you’re a/c can be cheaper and the a/c system can work as well as a new unit, provided that the hvac technician gives you all the options for the repair and you the consumer agrees to make the repair, after that, a good technician will do his job accordingly. A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better? Some contractors will have you believe that r-22 the old refrigerant is gone and can’t be manufactured, this is not true, the fact is r-22 still is being manufactured in cans however new condensing units no longer can have r-22 refrigerant charged in the system from the …

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I need to Move my outdoor air conditioning system because;

I need to move my outdoor air conditioning system because; I need to move my air conditioning system from the back of my house to the side of my house because I need to build a deck. I need to move my air conditioning system temporarily from my old concrete patio until the new patio is built. I need to move my air conditioning system from the side of my house to the back of my house because I’m having a side walk put in. I need to move my air conditioning system out from underneath my window because the a/c  is too loud. I need to move my air conditioning system from underneath my porch because a new porch is being built. I need to move my air conditioning system from underneath my porch because my contractor said it should not be under the porch. I need to move my air conditioning system …

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Hvac Contractor Chicago

Air conditioning season is almost here, if you are in the market for a new air conditioning system be very careful which brand and what refrigerant blend you purchase. This blog may shake things up a bit. But read on. This big push to save the ozone by eliminating ozone depleting Refrigerant gases is becoming a bigger farce then it already has been. It has been rumored within the hvac community that this great Puron or 410 a refrigerant will be discontinued in 2 years or so because of the problems associated with this refrigerant. The big cheese Hvac Corporation sold the idea of this Puron to our great government and hook, line and sinker they fell for the idea of clean green refrigerant.( not such a bad goal) Unfortunately Puron or 410a isn’t working and that was not the catch all of going green. The newest idea for refrigerant …

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Air Conditioning Repair, Loop, South Loop, West Loop Chicago

Air Conditioning Repair, Loop, South Loop, West Loop Chicago High rise condo’s and apartments with their own furnace and air conditioning systems has its ups and downs when it comes to repairing or replacing them. Down side of air conditioning repair, loop, south loop and west loop Chicago is parking; our trucks are bigger than a car and we need the size for our entire furnace parts, air conditioning parts and tools and Refrigerant etcetera. The other down side of repairing air conditioning systems is the time on the elevators as well as locating the air conditioning system on the roof, we here at Around The Town Heating and Cooling have locating the air conditioners down to a science. However it’s time consuming and the service repair cost is usually a bit higher then a single family home air conditioning repair cost. Call 312-243-9896 The other downside of high rise …

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Authority on AC Repair Chicago

Ac repair should be performed by licensed ac repair contractors. Ac repair in Chicago requires ac contractors as well as technicians to have an EPA certification of a class 2 or above, such as a universal certificate. Its important to know the ac contractor you hire has a good working knowledge of your ac system. How do you know if the ac contractor is licensed? Ask them and if that’s not enough, ask them for their license number. Which can be verified by the city of Chicago.

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New Central Air Conditioning South Loop Chicago

New Central Air Conditioning South Loop Chicago, Are you in need of a air conditioning system in your South Loop high rise Chicago? or just a shot of Refrigerant? or even a air conditioning repair in the South Loop? If so you found the right air conditioning installation and repair contractor.  Around The Town Heating and Cooling knows the ins and outs of high rise buildings in the south loop. We have our insurances in order for the management companies as well as our licenses. Other contractors may or may not be telling you that the cost of changing your a/c system Chicago is very expensive due to the new EPA laws governing R-22 refrigerant, poppycock, there are still r-22 systems available and Around The Town Heating & Cooling has them. If you are a tenant in a High rise apartment or condo feel free to call us for a …

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