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Chicago Wrigleyville air conditioning repair

Chicago Wrigleyville air conditioning repair company mentions the fact that the cubbies finally did it in 2016, We all knew they would! Chicago wrigleyville air conditioning repair contractor says does this bring to mind a repeat? Those colors of victory, so sweet and the Big W flag don’t run. But thinking of the cubbies also brings the thought of central air conditioning season, I’m not sure if anyone remembers, during the Chicago cubs run for the pennent the extreme heat we were having? We remember, because as much as we liked repairing and installing central air conditioning systems in the wrigleyville neighborhood, we also wished for weather to cool down so that we could have enjoyed some days at Wrigley field. As a family owned and operated business. Our goals and knowledge of heating and air conditioning is to make your life easier. And how do we do that? We work around your busy schedule as much as possible …

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Logan Square Air Conditioning Repair

Logan square air conditioning repair Logan Square air conditioning repair contractor talks about how at the beginning of every air conditioning season the calls that come in concerning freon leaks in their central air conditioning system. Yes, old or new ac systems are the culprits of this annual occurance. For example, Last Saturday our service tech team went to 3131 N. Logan Square Blvd. Chicago and repaired a 5 year old air conditioning unit that had leaks in the system and had to be repaired. The leaks occurred due to faulty installation at the time the building was rehabbed. Should this be the case? Absolutely not! Your probably wondering, someone turned on their ac already? Yes, in mid rise and high rise buildings its common to hear that the central air conditioners are being operated. Often times air conditioning contractors get so busy that they worry about their next call before they …

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Keeping your Home or Office Comfortable in Chicago, IL

Around The Town Heating And Cooling – Keeping your home or office comfortable during the changing seasons in Chicago, IL In this video Around the Town HVAC technicians perform a routine repair and maintenance on a high-rise building in Chicago, Illinois. The weather is starting to get warm early this year in Chicago. Contact Around the Town HVAC to have your central air conditioning system checked to be assured that it is working properly now, before it gets hot outside.  

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What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Stolen In Chicago

What to do if your air conditioner is stolen in Chicago Has your central air conditioner been stolen or parts removed? If so, the first thing you should do is report it to your insurance company. They will tell you if you need to contact the police. Sometimes they want a police report; sometimes not. It all depends on who your insurance company is. The next step is to call Around The Town Heating And Air conditioning services to get a free estimate for a new air conditioning system. what to do if your air conditioner is stolen in chicago Because this has been very common for about 10 years or so,  there are theft deterrent systems for air conditioners. Such as the watch dog high pitched arm system, of coarse the benevolent ac cages. Do they deter theft? If a thief wants to steal something bad enough, most theft protection won`t be 100% theft proof, …

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Chicago air conditioning service

Chicago air conditioning service. Chicago air conditioning service company is offering great services rates. For the month of February  2017 thru March 15, 2017, our service/diagnostic fee has been reduced for single family residential  homes from $79.00 to $69.00 and for mid rise and high rise condo buildings our service rates from $89.00 to $79.00. There are times that a fair and reliable  Chicago air conditioning service company and heating outfit will under stand how tough the times are and take initiative to lend a helping hand, we are offering  you just that, a helping hand.  Besides the discounted service charge, we are offering great prices on air conditioning replacements as well as great pricing on new furnace and air conditioning combo replacement packages starting at $3999.00.  Many of the consumers assume that heating and air conditioning prices are outrageous. But truly the manufactures and the wholesalers are gouging us heating and air conditioning contractors. So we try to be fair and balanced …

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Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance

Air conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance Chicago, This ac unit was performing poorly due to dust and dirt buildup and required a cleaning with special chemicals that break down the grime, which cleaned and restore the unit to proper performance levels. At Around the Town Heating & Cooling  We offer a wide variety of HVAC services such as AC cleaning and repair, new central air conditioning system installations (at affordable and fair pricing). Other service we offer are new furnace and ac system installation combo packages, (lennox and Amana) Furnace and ac repair services, thermostat installations, such as; The Wi FI Nest, Ecobee3 and Honeywell as well as many other wifi thermostats. We also include the nest and programmable thermostats with all new furnace installations (Through March 31, 2017,) as well as new central air conditioning installations. Air conditioner cleaning and maintenance is key to an efficient operating air conditioner system. Our maintenance service will determine the condition of your …

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Buck Town Heating And Air conditioning Service 60647, 60622

Buck Town Heating And Air conditioning Service 60647, 60622 Buck Town Heating And Air conditioning Service 60647, 60622. Here it is February 20, 2017, and the temperatures during the days are 60 degrees and greater and the evenings the temperatures drop(Typical Chicago Weather). During the night the furnaces cycle and then during the days the high rise and mid rise building are requiring air conditioning. Just a word of caution”try not to run your central air conditioning yet,(open your windows)residential air conditioning systems are not designed to run at these lower outdoor temperatures, unless there is a low ambient kit installed on your air conditioning system. Running the A/c system at theses lower temps can cause damage to your compressor. The short reason is”compressors are designed to compress gas and not liquid, with the lower outdoor temperatures the refrigerant will surely flood your compressor with liquid refrigerant. To the residents of the Buck Town neighborhood in Chicago,  Around the Town Heating …

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Heating Furnace AC Repair Bronzeville: 60653

Heating Furnace AC Repair Bronzeville, Chicago 60653 Your heating furnace Ac  deserves to be perfectly functioning.  Whether its winter, spring summer or fall. Around the Town Heating & Cooling is the company to call. We deliver the very best in Heating furnace Ac services or HVAC as you will. Another great service we offer is central air conditioning repair. Ac service is a specialty we would like to share with you. Our furnace and ac technicians will make sure that you have the optimal air flow at the perfect temperature so that you can avoid costly bills. Servicing Bronzeville Chicago has been a great honor and whether you live off of 31st and king drive or 51st and cottage grove no problem. Besides we are always near University of Chicago Hospital Campus. Heating system such as water and steam boilers is a skill set that we provide to the residents of Bronzeville, Chicago. Our …

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The Need To Hire A Full-Suite HVAC Company in Chicago

Chicago HVAC Company Repair & Replace HVAC Equipment Hvac company tells it like it is. It is normal for a homeowner to hire an electrician when there is a problem with the wiring in a room or the circuit breaker, if an appliance has gone kaput or if there is a power failure due to short circuit. It is natural for anyone to call in a plumber if there is a clogged drain, a leaky toilet or a faulty faucet. The key is to look for the expertise that will have your problem resolved and that too preferably in a short span of time. There are emergencies that cannot wait for a scheduled inspection and delayed repair.  When you have to hire an HVAC company, you should look for one that offers the full suite of services. It is best to avoid hiring an electrician for heating repair in Chicago. …

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Humidifier End of Winter Special!

Humidifier end of winter special. As you may have noticed the winter season is coming to a close, I  doubt any more of the sub zero weather we had in this past December and early January is coming back. However the lack of humidity presents a uncomfortable feeling such as dry noise, scratchy throat other issues are dry eyes and dry skin. This is why we offer a Humidifier end of winter sale. This sale also includes a free furnace tune-up as well as a free ac tune up come spring 2017.   Residential Humidifiers specials; Install a new Aprilaire 500m by pass humidifier and receive a free furnace tune up and central air conditioning tune up come spring 2017. Total cost of humidifier installation is $469.00. We may ask you to text or email us a general picture of your furnace are so that we can insure that the …

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