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Landlords & Tenants

All Landlords that request HVAC work on tenant properties are required to submit Credit Card Information and payment agreement form prior to service to be scheduled. If you are a landlord, Please fill out the Payment Agreement Form below. Landlord Paymant Agreement

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Chicago Heating

Heating contractor shows  how not using licensed and trained  contractors to perform service for you can cause this issue, in this video. Air conditioning season will be gone soon. Chicago Heating season is upon us and boilers and furnaces will be in full swing shortly.  Having the heating system in your home tuned up will help ensure that no carbon monoxide issues are present, Good Chicago Heating companies as ours will inspect all aspects of your heating system, if there is a part that may test as failing, we will inform you of this, whether you replace it at time of our service on your heating system is totally your call, at the very least you know about it and can plan for future replacement of that part. Chicago Heating contractors should also make it clear that the age of the furnace sometimes don’t warrant repairs. Let me explain; as you …

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Chicago air conditioning service repair

Chicago air conditioning service repair companies are a dime a dozen. Chicago air conditioning service repair and replacement company is asking you, Are you in the market for a good HVAC contractor in Chicago that offers fair pricing and courteous service?And are you looking for an air conditioning company that does what they say and say what they do? yes, of course you are and guess what you have just found us. Here at Around The town Heating and Cooling we offer top brand equipment at affordable pricing, and we offer a 10 year parts warranty on all purchased HVAC equipment. Chicago air conditioning service repair company has hot end of summer sales that will cool you down and won`t send your thermometer over the boiling point.   People can go crazy with all the advertising heating and air conditioning companies put out there. This central air conditioning repair  company does not …

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Energy-Efficient Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool

Energy-Efficient Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool Hocking and Wilson Ratliff, Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) When the temperature outside starts to surge, keep in mind some of these energy-efficient tips for keeping your home cool. Minimize Your Home’s Energy Loss, Energy efficient tips are crucial. Close and lock windows. Repair any gaps to windows and replace worn weather stripping. Before you leave home for the day, close the blinds and curtains, especially on south and west facing windows. Consider purchasing a white thermal curtain liner to add to your draperies to reflect heat. Repair any gaps around doors. Check that your attic door is insulated and weatherstripped to reduce energy loss. Make sure your fireplace damper is closed to reduce air leaks. Will closing doors or closing vents to unused rooms help save energy? Unfortunately not. Avoid closing doors or vents when running the air even if the room is not used. …

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Air Conditioning Repair

Around The Town Air Conditioner Repair Around The Town Heating and Cooling will provide fast and easy service for anyone in the Chicago area in need of central A/C repair services. Our highly-trained contractors are licensed, experienced  and certified technicians who will give you the best central air conditioning diagnostic services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Chicago Cooling Repairs We believe in integrity and provide you with contractors that bring a positive attitude to your home or business every day to make your experience trouble-free and enjoyable. From the professionalism of our sales staff to the craftsmanship of our field personnel, we are dedicated to delivering you the best central air conditioning service and repairs possible. Why Around The Town? Service all makes and models Highly trained field service contractors Same pricing no matter the time of season or year Affordable pricing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau …

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Air Conditioning Repair 60459 – Central, Stickney

Summer is here and you want air conditioning to keep your house cool and fresh. You cannot stay in front of a fan throughout the day or fan yourself. This is exhausting and time wasting. Air conditioning is a permanent solution to cooling down your house and your body. Air conditioning installation needs to be done by a company that has qualified and well trained contractors. Around the Town Heating and Cooling Inc has just the right experts and prices to get new and improved air conditioning systems installed not only in your homes, but any place of your choice. We carry out load calculations to determine the proper installation to be done and give you a detailed report. Our experts also answer any questions you might have and explain how to maintain and properly use the system. If you live in Chicago or around Chicago, we are the best …

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Wicker Park Air conditioning Repair Contractor

Wicker Park Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Wicker park air conditioning repair contractor talks about  how central air conditioning systems are revolving. The older R-22 refrigerant systems are gone by the wayside , and what has evolved is the new ozone friendly 410 A refrigerant.  However what has been told to us about the 410 A refrigerant is that it has been manufactured as a temporary replacement mandated by EPA for R-22 refrigerant. Soon there will be another refrigerant replacement for 410-A because this allegedly was a temporary replacement blend, according to our wholesale suppliers. However that was never told to us at seminars or certification testing for the 410-A. Yes we have to be certified to handle all refrigerants.   HCFC = HydroChloroFluoroCarbons. .. R-22 ozone depleting. Still available but very expensive. CFC = ChloroFluoroCarbons. …  R-12, Not Used, Gone, I’m sure our government still uses it though. HFC = HydroFluoroCarbons. … 410-A Non ozone …

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Air Conditioner Service Repair Contractor In IL

Air Conditioner Service Repair Contractor In IL Air conditioner service repair contractor in Il is reminding the air conditioning using good folks of Chicago,IL and the South suburbs of Chicago,IL that its time to have your central air conditioner looked after. The warm days are just around the corner, sure it will be cool at night but with a snap of the finger the heat will come ah blazing. And when you flip your thermostat from heat to cool and nothing happens, then what? More than likely a air conditioner service repair contractor in Il will be receiving a call from you stating that your central air conditioner is not working. This scenario could be avoided by having your central air conditioner tuned up pre season. We don’t perform a 40 point check like our competitors state but we do perform all necessary service functions such as cleaning the out door unit …

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Merrionette Park Air Conditioning Contractor

 Merrionette Park Air Conditioning Contractor Merrionette Park air conditioning contractor believes a hot spring and summer is coming. If you live in Merrionette Park, Illinois 60803 and have been having issue with your central air conditioning system, no worries you found the right air conditioning contractor. We know that many of the homes in Merrionette park are build on slab foundations and from time to time when the rains come calling water enters the duck work that is in the slab concrete. There is not much we can do about that except fill the ducts with concrete and move your ducts to the attic, which we have done many times for the fine people of Merrionette Park. This Merrionette air conditioning contractor makes clear that if you don’t have a professional air conditioning contractor to your home and you may have had air conditioning problems, then how will you know what needs …

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New Central Air Conditioning System

New Central Air Conditioning System Are you in the market for a new central air conditioning system and don`t know where to turn or whom to trust? I understand your dilemma because I too sometimes don’t know whom to trust or where to go when I’m shopping. There are some steps you can take to find a qualified new air conditioning system installation company or a furnace installation company. Check all your online resources like Yelp or Google places reviews (although I don’t take much stock in reviews, they don’t tell the whole story) and consumer buying guide, rate it all and yellow pages resource guide and other resources such as the better business bureau and the attorney generals office. Word of mouth from a friend or a family member is a good source to help in your decision when finding and purchasing a new central air conditioning system.  If you talk with your …

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