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Boiler Cleaning Chicago

Boiler Cleaning and Maintenance

Boiler Cleaning is a critical for safe operations during the winter months. Fall is approaching and soon the heat selector switch on your thermostat will be turned to heat in the evenings.

Shortly pictures will be shown as to why it’s important have your boiler tuned up or maintained. Our technician was performing boiler maintenance near ridge road and ashland in Chicago.  Salvatore first started up the boilers to see if they fired up. When the boilers came on Sal noticed the burner flames rolling back some and that extreme heat was coming out the top of the boiler. Salvatore immediately shut off the power switches of the boilers and called me about his concern.

I informed Salvatore to get his drill and pull the flue pipe out of the chimney at the wall. This is what Sal found.

Boiler cleaning
Importance of Boiler Maintenance

Here is another picture

chimney collapse
This is why it’s important to have your boiler tuned up.

So Salvatore removed all debris, 1 full Chicago garbage can full of brick and mortar. So if they would have operated these boilers, a fire could have occurred, even worse carbon monoxide would have spilled into the apartments.

This is why We stress to our existing customers as well as new customers to get their boilers tuned up.  These pictures of the clogged chimney is not the only issues we run across every year. We see burners turned upside down which causes incomplete combustion and flame roll outs as well.

Fortunately we keep our trucks stocked with boiler parts that we use regularly.  More expensive boiler parts, we purchase them as we need them. Call today to schedule you boiler maintenance.

Due to the pandemic certain boiler parts are hard to get. Call today to schedule a appointment!

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