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Boiler repair LoganSquare Chicago is a task that our company Around the town heating performs as a regular daily choir for the consumers of Logan Square.

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Have you called other so called boiler companies that you feel the technician was unsure of themselves?

We hear this from the customer that had experience with the unsure technician.

Customers have told us that as soon as our technicians check out the boiler and set down their tool bag they knew and felt comfortable that our techs are competent.

Boiler repair near and around Logan park have been choosing Around the town heating for years due to our experience.

Steam boilers is Ed’s forte and Sal and Zach are knowledgeable on the newer  boilers as well.

Have you experienced with your boiler system that one radiator is warm and is pumping out heat but other radiators aren’t?

Theses issues can be as simple as the radiator valve closed or air in the radiator blocking water flow. Yes, one air bubble can stop the flow of hot water or steam for that fact.

Fixes to include bleeding radiators, replacing steam vent, insuring that expansion take being water logged is corrected. However a water logged expansion tank will usually create a high pressure issue we’re that pressure relief valve will pop.

Another reason for cool radiators can be a boiler circulation pump issue. The natural migration of warm water from the boiler will heat the radiators close to the boiler but that’s it. In this Instance a new circulation pump would be warranted.

Water and steam boiler repair isn’t that complicated. Just ask heating repair company if their trucks are stocked with boiler parts.
Around the town heating trucks are stocked with most parts for emergency repairs.

so if you near or around Logan park or Logan square Chicago and have heating issues feel free to call us for your service repair.








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