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Last week we installed a new Super high efficient Bryant 96% furnace at Addison and Hermitage Street in Chicago and when we removed the old furnace, the existing evaporator coil was melted and clogged with everything.

What Does a Melted Evaporator Coil Look Like?

We showed the homeowner their evaporator coil and they were disgusted. They asked what can we do about this?  We advised them to remove the coil and as a result we’ll come back in spring and reinstall a new evaporator coil. They agreed. Therefore, a new AC system would give you a fresh start with maintaining your air conditioning system evaporator coil.

This is the evaporator coil above this furnace we just installed. This is what you breath and if you don’t change your furnace filter monthly.

The Benefits of a New Evaporator Coil

  • Lowering your electric bill during the summer months.
  • Protecting the life of the furnace
  • Providing cleaner indoor air quality.

Meanwhile the key to good air conditioning system is to maintain what you currently have and check or change your furnace filter monthly.

Above all, replacing your central air conditioning system will be beneficial to you.  We have great specials on Bryant central air conditioning system.

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