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My HVAC Broke


You realize my hvac broke when you turn the thermostat either up or down and the temperature hasn’t changed.
When you realize that the temperatures aren’t changing you start looking as to why. You check the thermostat insuring you adjusted it correctly. Thermostat setting is ok?

Now you realize your heating system isn’t working. Now whats my next step? You being diligent, you go by your HVAC system and look to see if you notice something is out of place.

You check the power switch on the wall or side of furnace to insure its on. Nothing happens! So next you think” maybe the circuit breaker is tripped or off. Nope the breaker did not trip.

Oh boy, I need to call a HVAC contractor asap. So you search the web and find Around The Town HVAC. You set up an appointment and Salvatore arrives and fixes the HVAC system.

Sometimes heating and air conditioning systems can be finicky. As a technician you diagnose a repair fault and are sure its fixed, and low and behold it isn’t. Either you the issues at time of service or the customer calls us back stating the heating/air conditioning isn’t working quite right.

Is this occurrence common? No not really but it happens. Think about your automobile. You hear a noise or feel like something is wrong. You schedule a appointment to the mechanic and explain the issues. The mechanic calls you later and says there is nothing wrong.

You pick up your Automobile and as you are driving the issues arises again? These occurrences do happen, however the difference is will the HCVAC professional or the mechanic work on the issue until you are satisfied?

With Around The Town Heating and Cooling we do come back and work on the hvac system until its fixed.



Salvatore fixes your HVAC with no problem!







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      If you live in Chicago or the surrounding suburban area we can help your repair or install your new HVAC equipment.


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