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New Furnace Installation

We installed a new furnace 2-10-2021 at Damen and Roscoe Street.

When Jim had called it was about 5 hours later that the temperature only increases a few degrees. The starting temperature was 59 degrees the day of furnace installation. The temperature only went up to 62 degrees.

I said to Jim; yes the temperature should have gone up to set point on thermostat. The next morning I came back to the new furnace installation.  I immediately notice a flash code of 4 on the furnace circuit board. 4 flashes on nearly all furnace usually means over heating.

What I had found was the furnace set up was incorrect. You maybe wondering what I mean?
When a new furnace is installed, there is a start up procedure required, apparently one of our technicians failed to perform that task and low and behold overheating of the furnace occurred.

Now you may wonder is this issue a safety hazard? No; it’s not, new furnaces have safety controls in the furnace that protects from any unforeseen hazards.

Moreover these safety controls will lock the furnace out. Furnace lock outs can be reset by shutting off power to furnace from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Most of the time this will reset the furnace back to normal operation.  However if the furnace issues continues the furnace will re-lock out. Back to our new furnace installation.

I had performed all the furnace manufactures start up procedures.
Such as temp rise test, gas pressure test, blower motor speed test. After making these adjustments the new furnace was purring like a kitten.

These procedures should have been completed at time of furnace installation.
Unlike many of our competitors we stand behind our work, and the furnace is working perfectly. If you’re in the market for a new furnace installation feel free to call around the town heating and cooling today.

Thanks ED

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