Boiler Repair Logan Square Chicago is a task we take seriously. Our trucks inventory speaks volumes.

Your boiler system fails, its sub zero temperature outside and you call a heating professional. The Boiler repair Logan Square technician arrives,You think wow” we are saved, we will have heat, Thank God” But the heating technician says” we don’t have that part on hand”. 

You’re freezing and now salty’ because this Boiler Repair Logan Square don’t have the part. This happens often with Boiler companies that don’t stock their trucks with parts.
Around The Town Heating and Air conditioning seldom has to tell the our customers “we don’t have that part”. We pride ourselves in that fact.
Now have we had that lack of part issue arise.
We have crossed paths with some rear and unusual boilers and furnaces where as parts were iffy.
But we did fix the issues using modern parts on antiquated boilers or furnaces. In these instances a senior technician was tech support to our technician insuring safe transition and operation of the boiler or furnace.

In some of the older homes in Logan Square the older and antiquated boilers and furnaces still exist and work well. We believe in service first” as long as the HVAC system is safe, but there are many occasions where an upgrade to the Boiler or Furnace was absolutely necessary.

At Around The Town Heating And Air conditioning we pride ourselves with the inventory we keep. It’s important to us to fix your heating system or air conditioning system on the first trip to your home. With everyones busy schedule and the pandemic thats all around us its best to have our inventory stocked.

In addition Our stocked trucks especially in the winter gets your heating system up and running right away. We provide warm winters and cool summers in the Logan Square neighborhood since 2003.

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We have Utica Boiler inventory on our trucks. 312-243-9896