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AC System Cleaning


Maximize your comfort and convenience by reducing wear-and-tear issues with a full-service inspection plus an air conditioner and heater cleaning. Our certified professionals will clean and refurbish your system to perform like it was new. Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance If you do not maintain your heating & cooling system it will not perform at its peak level. Consistently maintained air conditioners can extend the life of the unit. It is more costly to operate a system that hasn’t been maintained yearly. Most heating and cooling system breakdowns are from lack of maintenance.  A dirty HVAC system can take twice as long to maintain a consistent temperature. A heating and air conditioning system cleaning and maintenance check from Around the Town HVAC is great service that can prevent problems in your home, save money and increase your comfort. Our certified maintenance technicians will clean your system and check for any problems that may be repaired or replaced. Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits Conserve Energy: Clean air conditioners are able to run more …

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Chicago Air Conditioning Repair


Chicago Air Conditioning Repair Specialists, Around The Town Heating & Cooling are available for service and installations throughout the Chicago area. Around The Town Heating and Cooling will provide fast and easy air conditioning repair service for anyone in the Chicago area in need of central AC repair services. Our highly-trained contractors are licensed, experienced and certified technicians who will give you the best central air conditioning diagnostic services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Chicago Cooling Repairs We believe in integrity and provide you with contractors that bring a positive attitude to your home or business every day to make your experience trouble-free and enjoyable. From the professionalism of our sales staff to the craftsmanship of our field personnel, we are dedicated to delivering you the best central air conditioning service and repairs possible. Why Around The Town? Service all makes and models Highly trained field service contractors Same …

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New Air Conditioners


New Air Conditioning System Installation Chicago New Air Conditioning System Installation Chicago by Around the Town Heating and Cooling is guaranteed to be the best service available in the area. We have over 25 years experience installing new air conditioning systems through out the Chicago area in residential home and commercial businesses. Air Conditioning Systems are built to control the temperature, humidity, cleaning of air in a confined space. An Air Conditioner is the device that preforms these actions. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. So the higher your unit’s Seer rating the more efficient it is. Seer rating’s also determine how much energy your unit uses and rates its impact on the environment.

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Top Reasons To Switch To WI-FI Thermostats Forward thinkers look at the future and beyond. Although the past helps us build for the future. That is why the now trending thermostats such as Lyric, Nest and Honeywell Focus Pro are the new wave of comfort, reliability and energy saving technologies, as well as the sleek and stylish design. So you’re sitting on the train coming home from work, the weather outside is downright awful. You say to yourself, Self” I sure would like to have my house toasty warm or cool when I get home” Well with the old style thermostats you can’t do that, except when you get home of course”. But with the WI-FI thermostats you can do that while on the train or stuck in traffic in your car or even on the bus or just plainly walking, NICE” With knowing that, wouldn’t it be nice to …

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Heating and Air Conditioning/Energy Savings


In the fight against increasing utility bills, the heating and cooling equipment manufacturers have designed new residential high efficient heating and air conditioning equipment. “Isn’t it a shame that the heating and air conditioning manufacturers build equipment around the utility company’s greed? The new high efficient heating and air conditioning equipment are nice, and costly, the noise levels of the equipment have decreased, due to variable speed (ECM) motors as well as insulated cabinets and heavier gauge sheet metals to stop the vibrations of the running equipment. When the heating and cooling equipment is designed and installed correctly you should have comfortable heating and air conditioning in all rooms of your home or business. This rule applies more on new construction. Residential heating and cooling systems are very complex. HVAC ductwork must be properly designed and sized. Equalized static pressure is important for airflow. Ductwork sizing must allow the proper …

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