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Freon Leaks Out Of My Air Conditioner Every Year

R-22HCFCEvery change of season, we get phone calls that go like this:

Every season I turn on my air conditioner and the freon has leaked out. How do I get this problem fixed? 

Freon leaks is a common problem we see every spring when homeowners turn on their air conditioning system. The air conditioner either freezes up causing water damage or the air conditioning system doesn’t cool down your home.

However, since R-22 refrigerant is now being phased out (this is freon), there are fewer and fewer options for homeowners to do.  First, you can retrofit your air conditioning system with the new 410 A refrigerant system.  Next, you need to find the leak and fix it. This is both time consuming and expensive. The other option is to install a freon stop leak chemical that has a success rate of 80%.  The rule of thumb is if you lose only a couple of pounds of Freon a year, the success rate increases greatly. If your air conditioning system is bone dry every season, the odds are that the stop leak will not work.  We have been using stop leak for a number of years now and our success rate is over 90%.  We have a one year guarantee that if the stop leak chemical we install in your air conditioning system doesn’t stop the leak in your air conditioning  system, we will redo it again for free (you pay the service charge only).

If you are interested in the cheaper alternative than replacing your air conditioning system due to freon leaks give us a call at Around The Town.  We would rather save you money than install a new air conditioning unit that you don’t need!

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