HVAC facts you should know are fundamentals that the average consumer should know and research.
Let’s say you’re in the market for a replacement HVAC system and you call a local HVAC contractor.

A slick tongued HVAC salesman shows up and starts dazzling you with terms you may have never heard of. Your head is spinning so therefore you just wait for the salesperson to finish up the estimate and leave.

HVAC facts fundamentals that is to say, should be learned, or at least researched. For example, the 2019 mandated rule on all furnace and air handler blower motors need to meet an energy rating approved by the government. Clink link. https://www.bryant.com/en/us/current-owners/ways-save/

HVAC Facts such as 80% furnaces have steel flue pipe that exhausts to a brick or B-Vent chimney. 90% and greater furnaces have PVC piping for its flue. You may have seen this piping in the gangway with smoke coming out of it during winter months.

Another HVAC Fact between 80% and 90% furnaces. 90% furnaces are condensing furnaces and make condensate water during the heating cycle. Whereas 80% furnaces are non condensing furnaces that just vent the flue out of the chimney.

Furnace and air conditioning compatibility is important and the consumers should aware of that fact. Such as the blower motor CFM has to match the tonnage of the central air conditioning system. Cubic feet per minute air flow is very important to proper operation of central air conditioning. Let me explain.

The amount of air flow must match the size of the central air conditioning system so that the refrigerant flowing through the evaporator coil can boil off thus creating the cooling in your home or business.

Come spring when we are performing central a/c tune ups and the consumer may have had a new furnace installed 9 times out of 10 the blower motor is greater than the tonnage of the ac.

HVAC FACTS Bryant AC Repair Chicago

Talking about Air conditioning facts with our customers.

This creates a humidity issues as well as lack of cooling. This is why learning HVAC Facts are important so you can ask questions to HVAC salesmen.

Knowing that both your furnace and central air conditioning is sized and adjusted correctly is key.