After trying to find a decent HVAC repair contractor, I all but gave up. My Friend Jennifer referred me to this company.

Around the town heating and air conditioning. They sent this unusual person to my home, big in stature but smart as a whip.
My wife and I didn’t appreciate his unsolicited advice concerning our HVAC system at first. However his advise about our HVAC system proved beneficial.|

Around the towns heating expert apparently is a seasoned Veteran in the HVAC Repair business.

Not only did he explain the importance of changing our furnace filter but explained about cleaning our flame sensor. He showed us, my wife and I how to change our filter properly and how to clean our flame sensor safely.

He said to shut off the power switch to the furnace anytime we do any monthly maintenance.
We looked at the invoice and this technicians name was Ed.  Ed explained that furnace filter manufactures make furnace filters from ease of airflow to restrictive airflow.


Maintaining furnaces

Ed explained and shown us with our filtrate furnace filters how restrictive those filters are. With the furnace running as a test Ed slid the furnace filter we used into the running furnace and boy did the blower motor noise decrease greatly. Ed explained that the filter is clean and it restricted the flow of air, now imagine the amount of restriction with the furnace filter dirty.

After Ed showed us about the furnace filter and the cleaning of the flame sensor we realized that this HVAC repair contractor knows his business.  Funny thing is some of the other HVAC repair contractors in the Chicagoland area from memory wasn’t this thorough. After Ed had left our home we called our friend Jennifer and thanked her for the referral. This HVAC repair contractor company is worth keeping their contact information. By the way Ed put a sticker on our furnace with his contact info.

Ben and Jennifer R.