With the dust and pollen that flows around your neighborhood, have you considered having your central air conditioning tuned-up?

Do you have allergies to dust and other indoor air pollutants?

I know a lot of home owners think that indoor air products are a gimmick.  They are if you do not perform the necessary maintenance that is required.

Indoor air cleaners and germicidal lights kill up to 99.9 % of all indoor pollutants and they work.  My wife use to wake up in panic attacks in the middle of the night, because she couldn’t breathe.  After a while, she went to an allergist, and he told her she had allergies.  I installed 2 electronic air cleaners and 2 UV lights germicidal lights.  Within 4 weeks, she started feeling better. Dust destroyer, indoor air products like UV lights and electronic air cleaners do work best for destroying dust. I will give you an example, we have open type cabinets and at any given time you can reach up and run your hand across the top of the cabinets and there is no dust. so from my own personal experience, these indoor products work!