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Lemont furnace repair

Every household or commercial enterprise has heating and cooling needs. At the home, you are going to have appliances that regulate the temperatures and the flow of air within your living environment. This also goes for commercial spaces. At some point, devices such as ACs, furnaces and boilers will require repair or replacement, and this is where a professional comes in. You need to keep your appliances in top shape at all times, and the right heating and cooling company could be the difference between a comfortable living environment and unbearable living conditions.

Where we come in

We are Around the Town Heating and Cooling, and our company has been around for some time now. Our responsibility is to help the residents of lemont live comfortably by taking care of their heating and cooling needs. Our seasoned professionals have worked in the Chicago area for a long time now and
have handled thousands of projects, serving a huge number of customers in the process. We hire only the best in the business and our employees undergo
periodic training to horne their skills. We believe that experience and skill are the secret to making sure that clients get what they want when they come to us.

What we do

Broadly divided, our services fall in two categories; heating and cooling. When it comes to heating services, we repair furnaces and boilers. We also replace the appliances when the need arises. As for cooling, we go out of our way to professionally clean your ACs, make repairs where necessary and even
install new units if we determine that the old system is beyond salvaging. We are also quite handy with thermostats.

Once a project is made available by a client, we head out to their location to assess the situation and then make a decision on what needs doing. Sometimes, we only need to do a little repair and maintenance while at others, the installation of new appliances is required. We work towards making sure that the project is handled with the best interests of the customer in mind.

Our rates are competitive

Our Lemont furnace repair services are some of the most affordable in the state of Illinois. Our technicians set things off by offering free quotes on new Installations. You don’t even need to drive out to us; all you need to do is simply get on the phone and brief us about the issues you are facing. We ask a few questions and then proceed to provide you with an estimate of what the solution will cost you. When we come out to do the actual work, we charge a service fee of $79.00 for residential premises. This fee covers the first 15 minutes of diagnostics. For commercial premises, the fee is $105. We also charge the same figures for hourly engagements.

Around the Town Heating and Cooling is the perfect solution if your heating or cooling appliances are not working right. All you need to do is get in touch with us right away and we will send someone your way as soon as we can.

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