My Furnace has been making unusual noises lately.

I’ve researched this issue of my furnace on the internet.

My Furnace has been making unusual noises lately. Making me crazy

Furnace noises can cause you fright as well as being annoying

The topics I have found on the subjects were unclear, and I’m starting to believe I will have to call a furnace repair company in Chicago.

I’m not apposed to calling a furnace repair company but I was hoping to fix the problem myself.

We recently received the above paragraphs concerning Furnace issues in an online submission from our website. I thought this is pertinent and should be shared.

The price of furnace repairs today and the Covid issues we are facing, home owners are trying to fix their furnace themselves.  I can relate, recently we had some mechanical issues with a work van that I couldn’t fix. So therefore our HVAC repair van is in the shop.

The unusual noises you may be hearing from your furnace can be attributed to the following,but  a defective inducer motor, when a inducer motor over heats it will start to whine.

Above all this occurrence can be caused by the furnace over heating.  A dirty furnace filter can cause the furnace to over heat. Furnace’s require air flow through the heat exchanger.

Dirty or clogged furnace filters can cause blower motor failure. Debris or loose metal can account for noises in your furnace.

In short a dirty furnace filter destroys furnaces, more importantly dirty filkters can cause a cracked heat exchanger. Subsequently carbon monoxide issue can arise.

The majority of homeowner know the sounds in their home. Moreover when you can pin point the noises directly to the furnace, its a sign to call the HVAC professionals!

In closing making sure your furnace filter is clean, in addition to the furnace filter, get your furnace tuned up annually.

Thanks ED