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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance is as important as having your automobile oil changed or tuned up. Preventive maintenance tells you the condition of the air conditioning system. Air conditioning maintenance prevents unwanted breakdowns especially on those really scorching days. Does air conditioning maintenance prevent the air conditioner from breaking down? Not a 100% but increases the odds greatly against air conditioning failure. There are many factors that will cause an air conditioning system to fail. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “Benjamin Franklin. This idiom is not only for our bodies but holds true to pretty much everyday living and the products we own or use. Air conditioning maintenance does in fact save you money in repairs as well in your utility cost. How may you ask? Simple really, having your air conditioning maintenance performed will insure proper levels of Refrigerant. What this does is remove the …

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AC Furnace Repair Near ME

AC Furnace Repair Near ME, I’m always looking for a reputable and reasonable priced AC furnace repair company near me. AC furnace repair near me has a list to choose from longer then my arm, whom do I choose? I have found that companies that have reasonable service call rates and offers flat rate pricing seems to be my best choice. Many AC furnace repair  companies say one thing over the phone and do an entirely different approach when at my home. Recently we called a local AC furnace repair company near me and it was refreshing that most everything told to us over the phone was true and accurate.

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Reliable AC Repair Chicago

AC REPAIR and Chicago Summer weather! Ac repair? Are you ready for the scorching heat and high humidity? With the presents of summer rain showers, comes high uncomfortable humidity. Humidity plays a major factor with your ac system. High humidity will hinder your ac systems performances. AC repair in Chicago’s and its horrid high humidity will cause your ac system to run much longer than usual. Other key factor that hinders proper performances from your central air conditioning system is dirty furnace air filters, dirty or clogged outdoor condenser (your ac unit). Improper Refrigerant levels? you may think your ac is OK, however your AC system may work fine on a hot day with low humidity however add high humidity and your ac system will run much longer and you may feel sticky. This may constitute an improper Refrigerant charge or lack of Refrigerant. What causes the lack of Refrigerant?

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Chicago air conditioning service repair

Chicago air conditioning service repair companies are a dime a dozen. Chicago air conditioning service repair and replacement company is asking you, Are you in the market for a good HVAC contractor in Chicago that offers fair pricing and courteous service?And are you looking for an air conditioning company that does what they say and say what they do? yes, of course you are and guess what you have just found us. Here at Around The town Heating and Cooling we offer top brand equipment at affordable pricing, and we offer a 10 year parts warranty on all purchased HVAC equipment. Chicago air conditioning service repair company has hot end of summer sales that will cool you down and won`t send your thermometer over the boiling point.   People can go crazy with all the advertising heating and air conditioning companies put out there. This central air conditioning repair  company does not …

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Buck Town Heating And Air conditioning Service 60647, 60622

Buck Town Heating And Air conditioning Service 60647, 60622 Buck Town Heating And Air conditioning Service 60647, 60622. Here it is February 20, 2017, and the temperatures during the days are 60 degrees and greater and the evenings the temperatures drop(Typical Chicago Weather). During the night the furnaces cycle and then during the days the high rise and mid rise building are requiring air conditioning. Just a word of caution”try not to run your central air conditioning yet,(open your windows)residential air conditioning systems are not designed to run at these lower outdoor temperatures, unless there is a low ambient kit installed on your air conditioning system. Running the A/c system at theses lower temps can cause damage to your compressor. The short reason is”compressors are designed to compress gas and not liquid, with the lower outdoor temperatures the refrigerant will surely flood your compressor with liquid refrigerant. To the residents of the Buck Town neighborhood in Chicago,  Around the Town Heating …

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Bucktown Furnace & Heating Repair 60647, 60622

IMG_2150 copy

Bucktown  furnace & heating repair 60647,60622 Attention all residents of the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago,  Around the Town Heating and Cooling is here to service all of your HVAC needs.  We offer heating & air conditioning services of all kinds to Bucktown, Chicago residents. Whether your furnace needs a repair or a new furnace or simply a furnace tune up, we here at Around The Town Heating and air conditioning is at your service by calling, or texting 312-243-9896 Furnace, Heating, and Boilers repairs including experts installations at affordable pricing. We offer our services 7 days a week from 7AM until 7PM.  Tip of the day! Have you checked or changed your furnace filter today?A clean furnace filter may save your furnace from a dirt related break down. If you’re not sure about your furnace filters , schedule your furnace maintenance check appointment today, we will have a qualified technician come out …

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Indoor Air Products For Your Home


With the dust and pollen that flows around your neighborhood, have you considered having your central air conditioning tuned-up? Do you have any of these indoor air products? I know a lot of home owners think that indoor air products are a gimmick.  They are if you do not perform the necessary maintenance that is required. Honeywell air cleaners and Honeywell germicidal lights kills up to 99.9 % of all indoor pollutants and they work.  My wife use to wake up in panic attacks in the middle of the night, because she couldn’t breathe.  After a while, she went to an allergist, and he told her she had allergies.  I installed 2 Honeywell electronic air cleaners and 2 UV lights germicidal lights.  Within 4 weeks, she started feeling better. Dust destroyer, indoor air products like honeywell UV lights and electronic air cleaners do work best for destroying dust. I will give …

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Chicago Loop Air Conditioning Repair Service from Around the Town HVAC

Around the Town HVAC for the Best Heating and Cooling Services in the Chicago Loop Area Are you looking for an air-conditioning-repair-service provider for your home, office, or multi-condo building? Are you in the vicinity of the Chicago Loop area? Around the Town HVAC is the best choice for any of your heating and cooling needs. With a deep commitment to providing customer-friendly heating and air conditioning repair and installation, Around the Town HVAC serves the Chicago Loop area and the nearby suburbs with their highly trained and certified technicians. Their range of products and services includes installation and repair of furnaces, boilers, and air conditioning systems. Around the Town HVAC also provides 24-hour emergency services, attending to your needs with unmatched urgency and integrity. For Chicago Loop Air Conditioning Repair Service from Around the Town HVAC for your home, office, or condo simply call or contact us online. For …

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Air Conditioning repair in Goose Island, Chicago, Illinois 60642

Homeowners have choices when it comes to quality air conditioning system repair in a home, office, or even a multi-unit condo; but the best choice is Around The Town HVAC. Around the Town provides reliable and dependable AC repair, maintenance, and installation for residents of Chicago’s Goose Island neighborhood. Those shopping around for affordable quality in air conditioning system repair for a home or building need look no further than Around The Town HVAC. From annual inspections to complete new system installation and minor repairs, we are the top choice among those who want the very best in AC maintenance, repair, and service. We save our clients money and keep systems working through all seasons of the year. With years of experienc, we are hands-down the smart choice for those with AC related problems in Goose Island, Chicago. Contact, call, or visit Around The Town HVAC today for a free …

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Air Conditioning Repair in local Chicago, Illinois Neighborhoods

Discover The High-Quality Air Conditioner Repair Of Around The Town HVAC Air conditioning repair for home and building owners in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, and West Town regions that offers the best in quality can be expected from one company: Around the Town HVAC, a trusted and respected name in all types of HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation. We are dedicated to the very best in customer service and always go the extra mile for our valued customers. Air conditioning system repair service that is fast, reliable, and affordable is just a call or click away with the professionals of Around The Town HVAC. We also provide comprehensive and complete new central air conditioning and furnace installation services throughout many Chicago, Illinois, neighborhoods. If you live in the 60622 zip code we can assist you with Ukrainian Village AC repair, Wicker Park AC repair, and West Town AC repair. …

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