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Complete Air Conditioning Maintenance

Chicago’s air conditioners on hot and humid days take a beating. If your air conditioner unit is not maintained properly over the summer season, the air conditioner may not work properly or last as long as it should. It is critical to have your air conditioner tuned-up for peak performances. Having someone coming to your house to clean your air conditioner isn’t a selling ploy. There is a definitely purpose for it. By having your air conditioner cleaned and the freon checked, this becomes your part of protecting the ozone. It also helps make your air conditioner run more efficiently. As a kid, I remember having buckets of ice cubes in the evenings with old fans blowing over the top of the bucket to keep cool. During the day, fire hydrants always seem to get opened and turned on, and we ran through them until Mom yelled that’s enough. Those …

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Furnace maintenance boiler tune ups

Furnace maintenance. Here it is November 1 st 2012 and post cards have been mailed, phone calls have been made. What I’m talking about is reaching out to our customers concerning heating tune ups. Every season the majority of our customers hesitates to perform annual maintenance’s on their HVAC equipment whether it is a furnace or a boiler, and guess what? The majority end up calling us when the weather breaks bad and their furnace or boiler doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with the thermostat. My point is, when you perform annual furnace or boiler maintenance, the maintenance service will tell you the condition of the furnace or boiler and if there is a potential problem, as well clean and tune up the furnace or boiler. Furnace maintenance and boiler maintenance to achieve temperatures consistent with City of Chicago codes Furnace maintenance Our service technician’s care about the condition and …

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5 Reasons Why To Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Like everything else in life, air conditioning units must be maintained.  Here are a few reasons why you must perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner:

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When do I need to replace my HVAC equipment?

If you are like myself, you like to be proactive when it comes to needing new things for your home. There is nothing worse than having your furnace going out in the middle of the night on the coldest night of the year, and you don’t have time to research the best furnace for your home. Here are a few things to think about before your furnace quits working on you:

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Heating Companies Near Chicago

Heating companies in and near Chicago are plentiful.  If you call one heating company in Chicago and don’t like them, you can easily move on to the next in line. In the field of heating and cooling there are so many heating companies in and near Chicago that you never know who to call. Just last week a day before Thanksgiving, we received a call from a landlord whom had hired a heating company to install a steam boiler.  I went out to her building on Tuesday evening to see that the boiler was partially installed.  The landlord told me the original heating and cooling contractor she hired was working on the boiler for 7 days prior to me showing up there and that they had pretty much took all the money from her and left.  Fortunately for this landlord, we had time on to take over the job.  I …

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Humidifiers Chicago

Humidity abuses your air conditioning system. Humidity destroys drywall and things in your home. Humidity is terrible in your wine cellar. Humidity in the spring and summer sucks. However, humidity in the winter can be a life saver. You all know about the lack of humidity in the winter causing distress on your skin, nose, and scalp. Lack of humidity also increases your gas bill greatly, because forced air heat or even boiler heat dries up the humidity. In the winter, have you noticed that you get the chills and your thermostat is set to your desired temperatures? The heating system runs and if you have no humidifier, the humidity in your body is being drawn out and is evaporating. This is also the reason your gas bills go up, because when you get the chills what do you do? You turn up the thermostat.

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Boiler problems/flooded basements

This past spring and summer we have seen much rain fall as well as power outages due to the high winds and lightning strikes. How has this affected you? Our call logs have been greater due to the fact sump pumps failed due to lack of power and backup systems only last so long.  With flooded basements comes water damaged boilers and furnaces. Water and sewage plays havoc on hvac system in basements. At Around the Town heating and cooling, we can’t control the weather and the flooding.  However, we do play a major role in controlling the amount of damage that occurs to your boiler or furnace by raising your hvac system as high as the basement ceilings or ductwork allows. If you are interested in protecting your boiler or furnace from any other attacks of water call 312-243-9896 or 708-388-2247 and have us out to give you a free …

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Furnace troubleshooting

Furnace troubleshooting can be tricky sometimes, and furnace repairs for home owners might seem complicated. We do not discourage you from repairing your own furnace or boiler. We feel if you’re up to the task why not. If you’re trying to repair your own furnace or boiler, we always welcome a call from you with any questions you may have concerning the repair. Tips on repairing your own furnace or boiler may be in the installation guide if you still have one near your furnace or in your files. In the back of most installation guides, there should be a list of furnace troubleshooting techniques that may help you solve your furnace or boiler issue. If a installation guide is not available at your home, go to the furnace manufactures website and more than likely one will be available in a pdf format for you to print out and read. If you …

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New furnace tax credit to expire

If you’re having trouble with your furnace or boiler and are thinking about replacing it, hurry the expiration of the energy tax credit expires in 19 days. Receive a tax credit up to 30% of the cost of installation of a 95.1% efficient furnace or boiler. New high efficient furnace and boilers are a great way to save money on your utility bills. Why keep giving your hard earned money to the utility companies? Why miss out on the tax credit from the federal government?  Everyone can use tax shelters of some sort, getting a big income tax check is always nice. By purchasing a new high efficient furnace you do 4 things: get a 10 year parts warranty, pay 30% less for the new furnace, stop over paying the gas company, and peace of mind for 10 years knowing that the parts are covered. With the above outlined reasons …

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New furnace warranty

Furnace manufactures require the homeowners to register their new furnace, boilers, and air conditioners within 60 days of purchase in order to receive the ten year parts warranty. If the equipment is not registered, the warranty reverts back to a 5 year parts warranty. At Around The Town Heating, we register all heating and air conditioners for our customers, so that our customers don’t forget. Many time, people will set their warranty paperwork to the side and forget about it. (Who isn’t guilty of doing that?) To make your life easier, we do the registering for you so your 10 year warranty stays intact! The message you will receive from the furnace manufacture is as follows:

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