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My Steam Boiler Won’t Turn On

Are you having difficulties with your steam boiler? First, low water cut off controls can be your problem.  Is there enough water in your boiler? The site glass on the side of your boiler will show you the water level.  If the water level is half way up the glass or more than half way, you should be ok. Another simple solution to your steam boiler problem can be a blocked vent switch by the flue pipe diverter.  Most blocked vent switches can be reset, however what caused your blocked vent switch to trip or open?  You may have blockage in your chimney or sections in the boiler may have soot buildup. On occasion, a strong gust of wind can even cause a vent switch to trip or open. Another problem (although more difficult to troubleshoot) can be your transformer that provides 24 volts to your feeder.  A simple test with …

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Heating Furnace AC Repair Bronzeville: 60653

Heating Furnace AC Repair Bronzeville, Chicago 60653 Your heating furnace Ac  deserves to be perfectly functioning.  Whether its winter, spring summer or fall. Around the Town Heating & Cooling is the company to call. We deliver the very best in Heating furnace Ac services or HVAC as you will. Another great service we offer is central air conditioning repair. Ac service is a specialty we would like to share with you. Our furnace and ac technicians will make sure that you have the optimal air flow at the perfect temperature so that you can avoid costly bills. Servicing Bronzeville Chicago has been a great honor and whether you live off of 31st and king drive or 51st and cottage grove no problem. Besides we are always near University of Chicago Hospital Campus. Heating system such as water and steam boilers is a skill set that we provide to the residents of Bronzeville, Chicago. Our …

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Company to Fix Boiler in Chicago

Looking for a good heating company to fix your boiler in Chicago? What kind of boiler do you have? Is it steam or is it water? If you’re not sure look at your radiators and see if you have a steam vent about half way up on the side of the radiator opposite side of the shut off valve that’s at the bottom at floor level. If you have a silver looking device half way up opposite of the shut off valve then you have a steam boiler.  If you have a water boiler, you may have radiators with bleeder keys on the top of the radiator.  You may also have white or painted low profile radiators running along perimeter the outside walls.  If so, you probably have baseboard radiators and most likely you have a water boiler.

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Heating Companies Near Chicago

Heating companies in and near Chicago are plentiful.  If you call one heating company in Chicago and don’t like them, you can easily move on to the next in line. In the field of heating and cooling there are so many heating companies in and near Chicago that you never know who to call. Just last week a day before Thanksgiving, we received a call from a landlord whom had hired a heating company to install a steam boiler.  I went out to her building on Tuesday evening to see that the boiler was partially installed.  The landlord told me the original heating and cooling contractor she hired was working on the boiler for 7 days prior to me showing up there and that they had pretty much took all the money from her and left.  Fortunately for this landlord, we had time on to take over the job.  I …

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Oak Park heating company

Are you looking for a fresh face concerning your local heating contractors? Have you had enough of the same local contractor`s bull? If so, Around The Town Heating and cooling has expanded our quality service in the heating and cooling sector to the residents of Oak Park, IL. Being that we service Chicago area right next door to your neighborhood, we figured we should help you out as well!

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New Boiler Oak Park

Many Oak Park homes are fitted with boiler heat (whether its steam heat or water heat). Boiler heat is the best source of comfort heating, because it maintains a consistent temperature throughout your home. Boilers always been energy efficient, and if you have maintained your boiler regularly, you should have a decent boiler system. However, with the ever presences of the green footprint and the plan of phasing out fossil fuels, the government has set a higher standard for boiler manufactures to increase the energy efficiencies of the boilers being built now.

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Heating and air conditioning Evergreen Park

Fall is officially here, what does this mean to you? First, the kids are in school, secondly, holidays are coming around and this could mean you may have a day off of work to get some chores done around the house like getting your furnace or boiler cleaned and tuned up for the cold winter ahead. The Fire department of Evergreen Park already mailed reminder flyers to its residents concerning maintenance of their furnace or boilers as well as making sure your batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors are new or in working order. This is sound advice. Every year, you hear about fires from a heating source of some kind that injured or even worse killed people. Working safety alert systems are important. Here is a barrage of questions we feel pertinent. Is your furnace or boiler safe? Is your furnace or boiler new or old? …

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Chicago Boiler Repair/Installations

Floods from July created all kinds of havoc in and around the Chicagoland region. Many people lost valuable items because of the floods. If you were a victim of the floods, there is assistance through FEMA. However, you need to act quickly, because the FEMA deadline is October 18 2010. Was your chicago boiler or chicago furnace ruined from that big flood of July 2010? Have you had it repaired or replaced yet? If you received a check from FEMA, don’t forget that the purpose of the check is to replace the items you lost in the flood, like your Chicago furnace and Chicago boiler. If you are in need of a new boiler or furnace, Around The Town is the right company to call. If you read this blog and need a new furnace or boiler caused by the flood, remember to mention the code FEMA and get a …

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Heating Maintenance

Heating companies refer themselves as heating and cooling contractors, in the residential sector of heating and cooling which is why we refer to ourselves as comfort heating specialists.  As comfort heating specialist, it is our obligation to give you the most reliable and accurate information looking for an honest heating (comfort heating specialist) company. Around The Town Heating, Furnace, and Boiler Company offers simple advice about your heater or furnace.  The end of the heating season is near; however, these items should be checked to insure proper air flow through your furnace or heater:

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