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My Steam Boiler Won’t Turn On

Are you having difficulties with your steam boiler? First, low water cut off controls can be your problem.  Is there enough water in your boiler? The site glass on the side of your boiler will show you the water level.  If the water level is half way up the glass or more than half way, you should be ok. Another simple solution to your steam boiler problem can be a blocked vent switch by the flue pipe diverter.  Most blocked vent switches can be reset, however what caused your blocked vent switch to trip or open?  You may have blockage in your chimney or sections in the boiler may have soot buildup. On occasion, a strong gust of wind can even cause a vent switch to trip or open. Another problem (although more difficult to troubleshoot) can be your transformer that provides 24 volts to your feeder.  A simple test with …

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No Heat Chicago — Need a Furnace Repair?

You come home to your safe haven for the evening and take your coat off and notice that its not as toasty warm like it should be. Your first thought is to go to the thermostat and make sure the switch is on heat and the dial is turned up. Your next move is to go and look at the furnace or boiler and see if any thing is happening, you turn switches on and off and still nothing happens. Now your mind wanders and you think what do I do and who do I call?  Some contractors may have previously left a sticker on your furnace or boiler and that gives you a starting point, if no sticker is present you may call a trusted friend and ask them who they use for there heating repairs? If no one really knows, then you turn to the Internet. You must choose …

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Heating System Maintenance Cost

Heating system maintenance cost. Fall is approaching, the evenings begin to cool down and some might think about changing the selector switch on their thermostat from cool to heat. Yes that’s right, heating season already. Time does fly by that’s for sure. Heating system maintenance cost; its time for your heating system maintenance which is  required, especially if your system is less then ten years old. We all know that September brings weird weather patterns, hot by day, cold by night and these occurrences’ put many stresses on your heating system. During the day you may run your ac and then at night you may throw on the heating system to take the chill away. When you do these changes from cool to heat in a 24 hour basis, the relay controls and sensors on the furnaces start to act strangely. Some relays and controls may stick closed during the …

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Which Furnace Contractor Do I Trust?

By Christopher Paicely, September 22, 2012 Furnace Contractor,  Do I  Trust You With My Furnace? If you still thought summer was lingering, last night probably killed that line of wishful thinking. this weekend will be warmer in the day and cooler in the evenings, however soon it will get cold and stay cold and your furnace will get a workout and if you have not call your furnace contractor, maybe you should consider that. Furnace contractor Now that temperatures are dropping, homeowners are beginning to remember that the thermostat on the wall isn’t just for cooling the house. But what happens when you turn up the heat, and you find out your furnace is on the fritz? Furnace contractor where are you? No one wants put up with a moody furnace during cold temperatures. That’s why Patch is asking readers to recommend their favorite furnace contractor that handles furnaces and other household heating …

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My Central Air Conditioning Unit Is Blowing Warm Air! What Do I Do?

There is nothing worse than having an incredible warm day and you try to kick in your central air to find that your central air conditioning unit is only blowing warm air. It is even worse when this occurs in the middle of summer! These last couple days here in Chicago have given us Chicago natives a peek into the weather to expect this summer. If you didn’t open your windows, I bet your home has gotten a little warm! However, if your central air conditioning unit is not working correctly, there are a few things that you need to look at to diagnose why your central air unit is blowing warm air.

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Air Conditioning Repairs

You have checked your air conditioner and realized that it isn’t working.  Don’t panic yet over your air conditioning repairs.  There are a few things you can check and do before you call Around The Town Cooling to come to your home to do air conditioning repairs.

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5 Signs That You Need A Chicago Furnace Repair

Even though it is warm outside right now, us Chicago natives know this warm weather  will not last, and we will be kicking our furnaces back on sooner rather than later.  (I’m hoping not tonight!)  However, there are a few signs that you may need a Chicago furnace repair:

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Troubleshooting Chicago Furnace Repairs

If you live in the Chicago area, you will know that we have a Chicago snow storm heading our way.  It is suppose to drop anywhere from 6 – 12 inches depending on where you live in the Chicagoland area.  The wind is also suppose to pick up, and we will all feel as if we live in the Arctic.  If you have bad luck, this is the time you will need a Chicago furnace repair. I was at a call this morning in Little Italy (in Chicago, all the neighborhoods have their own names.  This is zip code 60607 and is close to Taylor Street).  I was doing a furnace cleaning for this customer, so when the Chicago deep freeze hits, she will be ready.  However, this is the time of year when I get a lot of troubleshooting calls.  Here are few things to look at when trying to troubleshoot …

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Forced Air Furnace Repair Chicago

What is a forced air furnace? Simply put, a forced air furnace is a vessel that forces heated air by way of a blower motor for comfort into your home structure.  As your thermostat calls for heat, your forced air furnace starts a heating cycle.  First, a safety check is performed through the electrical control circuit.  It allows all of the sequences to perform their duties.  It allows the furnace burner circuit to come alive and provide heat into the bonnet of the furnace.  As it does so, a predetermined temperature control turns on the blower motor which is what a forced air furnace does.  In other words, a forced air furnace forces heated air through duct work that provides comfort heat to your home or business structure. Forced air furnace system are a great source of comfort heating as long as the furnace is maintained annually. Many times homeowners …

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Furnace Troubleshooting

Gas furnace repairs aren’t that difficult for your standard 80% furnaces. How do you identifying an 80% furnace? First, the furnace has steel flue pipe above the furnace leading to your chimney. Second, the furnace has only one pressure switch. The tag or name plate inside your furnace is where the model and serial number is at. It will also tell you what your furnace is, If it does not, you can take the model number, type it into the address bar on your browser, and you should be able to find a match. This will also give you more information about your furnace.

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