Around the Town Heating and Cooling Inc.

As we welcome the cooler seasons, there’s a unique joy in sharing the warmth and comfort of a cozy home. At Around the Town Heating and Cooling, we are delighted to roll out our “Warm Connections” Customer Referral Program, inviting you to extend our services to your friends and family while enjoying rewards.

How It Works:

  1. Refer a Friend: Pass on our info to friends and family who are in need of HVAC services.
  2. Rewards for Warmth: When your referral gives us your name for their first service, they will receive a special discount. As a thank you, we will reward you with a free furnace filter pack. (Provide us with your filter size)
  3. The More You Share, The More You Earn: There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Each new referral continues to bring more rewards your way.

Heartwarming Rewards:

  • 1st Referral: Earn a $50 discount on your next service.
  • 2nd Referral: Receive a free routine maintenance check.
  • 3rd Referral: Get a free package of furnace filters.

Easy Sharing:
Let your friends and family know about us through email, text, or social media. We will provide you with all the necessary information about our services to make sharing straightforward and informative.

An easy option to do this is to give us a great review on Google. This will count as your first referral.

Program Duration:
The “Warm Connections” program is ongoing, offering you the opportunity to collect rewards while you help others find the same level of comfort you enjoy with our services.

We are excited to have you help spread the word about Around the Town Heating and Cooling. Your support is invaluable to us, and this program is our way of showing our appreciation.

Ready to start?
If someone you know is in the need for HVAC service. Give them our name and tell them to give us your name as the referral.

Warm regards,

Around the Town Heating & Cooling Inc.