Chicago SpacePak Heating/Cooling System


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Chicago SpacePak Heating/Cooling System

Small Duct High Velocity Central Heating & A/C System

SpacePak, the pioneer of small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) central air conditioning systems, offers uniform, year-round comfort without the major renovations, high energy costs, or unsightly components often associated with traditional HVAC systems. This efficient, quiet solution fits virtually any home or small office, regardless of age, size, or design.

Chicago Spacepak
Chicago SpacePak

Discover the benefits of SpacePak’s small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) central air conditioning systems with Around the Town Heating & Cooling. Ideal for homes and small offices, SpacePak offers efficient, quiet, and space-saving heating and cooling solutions that fit any design without major renovations. Enjoy uniform, year-round comfort with options like high-velocity air handlers and ThermaPak boilers. Trust our licensed and certified technicians for professional installation and maintenance in Chicago and the South Suburbs. Call (312) 243-9896 for more information or to schedule a service.

Chicago spacepak

High Velocity Air Handlers

Available in multiple configurations including R410A, heat pumps, and hydronic coils, this system features a fully insulated, durable “E-Coat” finished cabinet for quiet operation and long-lasting performance. Its low-profile design, either horizontal or vertical, offers flexibility for installation in tight spaces such as attics, basements, closets, crawl spaces, and garages.

ThermaPak® High Efficiency, Compact Gas-Burning Condensing Boiler

  • Ultra high efficient packaged boiler and domestic water heater combination unit.
  • Certified operating efficiency with full 5:1 operating modulation insures optimal efficiency at all heating requirements.
  • Sizing versatility for all applications from ranging 30,000 – 160,000 BTUs.
  • Over 4 GPM of semi-instantaneous domestic hot water.
  • European space-saving wall-hung design.
  • Environmentally friendly – low emissions

Heating Options

SpacePak offers several heating options to fit any application. Whether used as primary heating or “shoulder” season heating to take off the chill when radiant systems are not the optimal alternative, SpacePak has the options to keep you comfortable.

WaterPak hydronic coils

  • High Output 4 Row Coils
  • Custom-fit design for seamless installation on SpacePak air handlers
  • Perfect complement to ThermaPak boilers

ElectriPak integral electronic heat modules

  • ETL approved design
  • Fully modulating efficient operation
  • Custom-fit design for seamless installation on SpacePak air handlers

Electric Duct Heaters

  • UL approved design
  • Cost-effective supplementary heat source
  • Perfect complement to homes with radiant floor heating
  • Custom-fit design for seamless installation in SpacePak main supply duct-work.

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