When it comes to picking the best HVAC maintenance company in Chicago and the Southern Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, consider Around the Town Heating and Cooling. Our skilled technicians can tackle all of your heating and cooling needs.


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Chicago AC Installation and Repair

And when the temperatures start to cross the 90-degree mark in the summer, why not let our AC repair experts check out your cooling system to make sure your business or home is well prepared for those long hot summer days.

Our company recommends that those outside temperatures be at least 68 degrees or more to do a tune-up of your air conditioning system.

Even if your AC unit has been working like a champ for many years without significant issues, our certified professionals can still clean and tune your AC system so that it is ready for a mild or long brutal summer of hot temps.

Why not save yourself money in the long term by having Around the Town Heating and Cooling inspect your AC unit, today. We’re the air conditioning service Chicago that you can rely on.

New Central AC Installation Chicago

We deliver and install your new air conditioner for the best price in the Chicago area.

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Central AC Repair Chicago

Fast and easy service for anyone in the Chicago area in need of central AC repair services.

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Chicago HVAC Services

Furnace, AC and boiler installations and repairs, servicing all makes and models

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