Air Conditioning Systems are built to control the temperature and humidity, as well as clean the air in a confined space. An Air Conditioner is the device that performs these actions.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher your unit’s SEER rating, then the more energy efficient it will be. SEER ratings also determine how much energy your unit uses and scores its impact on the environment.


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Warm weather is not far off, especially in Chicago where oppressively hot days are the norm, making sure your air conditioning unit will be able to handle the job of keeping your home cool should be a priority.

Around the Town Heating & Air Conditioning™ has the solution to make your new air conditioner work efficiently and safe for your everyday comfort

Air conditioning in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs doesn’t seem like a necessity with the city facing such frigid winters. We also encounter sizzling summers with oppressive heat from June to September. It’s critical for you to make sure your air conditioning unit can handle the job of keeping your home cool. Make it a priority so you can stay comfortable and safe.

While a window AC unit can assist in cooling down a room in your home, they are notorious for breaking down. Installing several of them in one home can also skyrocket your electricity bill. Central AC Installation not only saves you money in the long run but is more energy efficient and long lasting.

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Our mission is to be a trusted source for quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning services throughout Chicago and its suburbs. We want to create long lasting valuable relationships with homeowners and small businesses, so you know who to call for all of your heating and cooling needs.

Since 2006, hundreds of people, just like you, have made Around the Town HVAC their furnace and air conditioning contractor. We have an expert team of technicians and advanced equipment to finish every project on time and to your complete satisfaction. We will not leave until your business, house or apartment is cool and comfortable and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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