Central Air Conditioning Sale

Looking for a central air conditioning sale nearby? Search no more! Whether you’re browsing for the latest deals on central air conditioning sales near me, considering our new central air conditioning sale, or exploring options at Home Depot, we’ve got you covered. Our range of products includes not only standalone central air conditioners but also […]

AC Repair in Chicago, Why Choose Us

Chicago AC Repair

Keep Cool This Summer with Expert AC Repair from Around the Town Heating and Cooling As summer heats up in Chicago, ensuring your air conditioner is in peak condition becomes crucial. Regular maintenance isn’t just a suggestion—it’s a necessity to keep your AC running efficiently. Over time, dirt and debris can clog your system, impeding […]

My Home Air conditioner Is Not Cooling?

ac repair chicago

Is Your Home Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Here’s What You Need to Know When your home air conditioner stops cooling, it can be frustrating, but there are common causes and simple solutions that might help. As experienced air conditioning contractors, we understand that these issues often stem from a few typical sources. Common Causes of […]

Chicago Air Conditioning Repair Costs

Experience Premier Air Conditioning Repair with Around The Town Heating and Cooling At Around The Town Heating and Cooling, we specialize in providing swift and efficient central air conditioning repair services throughout the Chicago area. Our team of licensed and certified technicians brings unparalleled expertise and professionalism to every job, ensuring top-tier service across Chicago […]

Quick Fixes Before You Call for Professional AC Repairs

Quick Fixes Before You Call for Professional AC Repairs Realizing your air conditioner isn’t working can be alarming, but don’t fret just yet! Before you call in the experts from Around The Town Cooling, here are some simple troubleshooting steps you can take: Check for Leaks: Notice water around your AC unit? Inspect the drain […]

Is Your Furnace or Central Air Conditioning Making Strange Noises?

Furnace or Central Air Conditioning Making Strange Noises

Is Your Furnace or Central Air Conditioning Making Strange Noises? A concerned customer recently contacted us through our website about unusual noises coming from their heating and cooling system. This is a common issue many homeowners in Chicago encounter with both furnaces and air conditioners. If your system is making odd sounds, it might be […]

Clear the Air: Enhance Your Home’s Air Quality Today

Clear the Air: Enhance Your Home's Air Quality Today

Dust and pollen in your neighborhood can significantly impact your home’s air quality and your health, especially if you suffer from allergies. While some might view indoor air quality products as unnecessary, the reality is quite the opposite when they’re properly maintained. Here’s a personal insight: after installing electronic air cleaners and UV germicidal lights […]