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10 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A New Furnace Now

We have had a fairy mild winter so far here in Chicago.  However, now that we are in February, old man winter has seemed to finally show up.  The days and night have finally gotten much colder, and we are finally getting some snow.  The cold temperatures are now finally giving our furnaces a workout. There are many reasons why a new furnace should be in your future.  Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a new furnace this winter:

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Furnace filters, do dirty furnace filter cause problems with my furnace?

Furnace filters and problems associated with furnace filters. Furnace filters: Many service calls we are called out on are related to dirty furnace filters. Furnace filters that are restricted due to dirt build causes many furnace related problems. The furnace manufactures recommend changing your furnace filter monthly, however we know that many homeowners neglect that task. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life overlooking the furnace filters is not hard. Pleated three month furnace filters. The general consumer who purchases the pleated furnace filters assumes that because the wrapping says three months, that they don’t have to change the filter for three months. Beep -beep, wrong answer Alice! The furnace wrapping states “may be used up to three months. What that means if you have a low dust or dirt problem in your home or business and you check the furnace filter monthly and its relatively clean you may …

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My Furnace Is Running But The House Is Cold

My furnace is running, but my house is cold, and I can even feel air coming out of the registers. The air coming out of the registers is not warm; it feels like room temperature. My furnace is running: sometimes the air is warm and other times its not! Sometimes the furnace ignites and then goes off in a few seconds. My furnace never seems to shut off; it runs and runs. I feel warm, but should my furnace continuously run? These are common heating complaints we hear everyday from homeowners who they call us. You, the homeowner, can solve many of these issues. Have you changed the furnace filter recently? The first question we ask homeowners when they call is “Is your furnace filter clean?” Many homeowners say they just changed the filter; however, we have found that 90% of the time the furnace filter wasn’t changed. It’s pretty easy …

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Space Heater Safety Tips That Will Keep You and Your Family Safe This Winter

GREENVILLE, Pitt County (WCTI) — If you plan on using a space heater to keep your home warm this season, you might want to read over these safety tips. Space heaters account for two of very five home heating fires and four of five home heating deaths according to Greenville Fire-Rescue, but Fire Marshal Bryant Beddard said there are ways to use them safely. “What you’ll want to do is maintain at least three feet of combustible material,” Fire Marshal Beddard said. “(This includes) draperies,furniture, bedding.” It also includes yourself. You might be tempted to warm your hands or feet directly in front of the heater or sleep next to it, but Fire Marshal Beddard said that isn’t safe. You might also be tempted to leave a space heater running to keep your pets warm during the day while you’re out of the home, but that’s another dangerous habit. Read …

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Heating & Air Conditioning Chicago

Heating & Air Conditioning Installation and Repair in Chicago Chicago has very unpredictable weather and the residents living here need to stay comfortable can sometimes be tenuous to say the least. Here’s a picture of our one of our crew working on a 5 story building, installing a Trane Air conditioner on Sunday for a customer to fit into her busy schedule. This particular customer found us on the web searching for Chicago air conditioning repair. We specialize in fitting a customers schedule into our schedule and not the other way around. Heating & Air Conditioning Chicago Heating & Air Conditioning Repair in Chicago is competitive and we do what is necessary to best accommodate our customers! Chicago Heating & air conditioning repair takes us on many journeys through out the days and weeks of both heating and air conditioning season and there is no other job we would rather do! With  the …

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Heating Furnace AC Repair Bronzeville: 60653

Heating Furnace AC Repair Bronzeville, Chicago 60653 Your heating furnace Ac  deserves to be perfectly functioning.  Whether its winter, spring summer or fall. Around the Town Heating & Cooling is the company to call. We deliver the very best in Heating furnace Ac services or HVAC as you will. Another great service we offer is central air conditioning repair. Ac service is a specialty we would like to share with you. Our furnace and ac technicians will make sure that you have the optimal air flow at the perfect temperature so that you can avoid costly bills. Servicing Bronzeville Chicago has been a great honor and whether you live off of 31st and king drive or 51st and cottage grove no problem. Besides we are always near University of Chicago Hospital Campus. Heating system such as water and steam boilers is a skill set that we provide to the residents of Bronzeville, Chicago. Our …

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Temperatures Drop During Chicago Area Snowstorm

CHICAGO WEATHER: 2ND ROUND OF SNOW HITS, 5-8 INCHES TOTAL EXPECTED FOR WEEKEND Snow continues to fall for a second day in the Chicago area, snarling traveling and expecting to dump a weekend total of 5-8 inches before midnight Sunday. At about 5 p.m., more than five inches had fallen in Gurnee, Marengo, Porter, Chesterton and Lindenhurst. The heaviest snow had been falling in the northern suburbs and parts of northwest Indiana. Is you heat working? Schedule an appointment with Around the Town HVAC™ to keep it functioning at peak performance before the temperatures drop.

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No Heat Chicago — Need a Furnace Repair?

You come home to your safe haven for the evening and take your coat off and notice that its not as toasty warm like it should be. Your first thought is to go to the thermostat and make sure the switch is on heat and the dial is turned up. Your next move is to go and look at the furnace or boiler and see if any thing is happening, you turn switches on and off and still nothing happens. Now your mind wanders and you think what do I do and who do I call?  Some contractors may have previously left a sticker on your furnace or boiler and that gives you a starting point, if no sticker is present you may call a trusted friend and ask them who they use for there heating repairs? If no one really knows, then you turn to the Internet. You must choose …

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Cracked Heat Exchanger

If the furnace is producing high levels of carbon monoxide and the exhaust gas is mixing with the household air, A cracked heat exchanger could allow exhaust gas from the furnace to contaminate the household air with carbon monoxide. If your heat exchanger is cracked, it needs to be fixed.

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Farmers’ Almanac predicts an  ‘ice cold’ winter as it celebrates 200th anniversary

The Farmers’ Almanac predicts a bone chilling ‘old fashioned’ winter According to this article in the Daily Mail article about the latest issue of the Farmers almanac, In Maine, the long-term weather forecast calls for a teeth-chattering winter for the eastern two-thirds of the nation. They are calling it “the return of the old-fashioned winter“. They are also saying that “The ice cold winter is back,” said Sandi Duncan, managing editor.

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