It has been asked if old furnaces are reliable? More reliable than what? New furnaces? Ha!

If you talk to the “old school” heating guys, they will say yes. I agree. I’m getting close to my old-school days, and I believe older furnaces are more reliable too.

In this blog, I’ll give you a few examples.

Just for the sake of argument, I received a call March 6th, 2022, from a consumer that needed a circuit board for his old furnace. Since I was working on installing a hot water tank, I told him I will get in touch with him later. When I called Steve from Flossmoor back, I asked him pertinent questions about his 38-year-old Bryant furnace. Steve told me that his furnace worked well and that the heating bills weren’t outrageous. Steve also informed me that a heating expert had inspected his heat exchanger and that it was safe. So, after talking a bit, I helped him keep his furnace operating safely until the part he ordered would be delivered. Check out these antiquated but operational furnaces.

Old furnaces 1930 and still operates
1930 Gravity furnace still functional.

According to Steve’s expert, the antique furnace was safe. And needed a circuit board. This helps me make my point in this blog.

Now granted not all aged furnaces are safe and energy efficient but this is a compelling argument.  According to the Government old furnaces should be replaced with newer energy efficient furnaces. I totally agree with the State of Illinois. That doesn’t happen very often, but the link I provided above reads as if I wrote it myself.

Old furnaces are they reliable? Check out these images of old operational heating furnaces and boilers. And then check out the newer furnaces that are less than 20 years old that already have failed.


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