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  • Erin G
    Erin G

    Definitely recommend! Ed was very friendly and knew exactly what was wrong over the phone when we described the problem. We called on a Sunday and said we needed someone out ASAP, so he finished his existing job and came by Sunday night to complete our job. He was knowledgeable, honest, and reasonably priced…and a real nice guy too. Ed is definitely my go-to hvac guy now, and will highly recommend to anyone.

  • Adam A.
    Adam A.

    This review has been removed for violating our Terms of Service

  • Pat G.
    Pat G.

    I love the customer service from the Technician that responded to my service call.  He was responsive to my concerns and he spent a considerable amount of time explaining how my furnace worked due to it's age.  When the time comes to replace my furnace they will be the company I choose to buy and install it.

  • Mark R.
    Mark R.

    I called and was in immediate need of a part. It was right at closing time and I left a message. Ed gave me a call back even though it was after hours, and was super helpful, and helped make sure I got the part I needed at a supplier that was open. He didn't push for a hard sell to come and install it, and helped me find it right away. If I need something bigger (I only do basic repairs), I'd definitely go with Around the Town!

  • C Movrich
    C Movrich

    I had positive feelings about my experience with Around the Town HVAC. I initially found them on Google. I was motivated to call them after viewing their website and reviews.Here is what I loved: They arrived on time, did exactly what we hired them to do (clean our furnace). Ed and Sal worked quickly and efficiently during the time they were in our home. The entire job took about an hour.I felt they were respectful as they never tried to sell us services we didn't want or need.

  • Steeper's Only
    Steeper's Only

    I'm delighted with the service provided by Around the Town. I have been their customer for years, and I have a maintenance contract with them for A/C. I also have had my water heater replaced by them. One weekend I had a problem with my heater, and I called them to send someone to fix it. The person on the phone checked my info and told me that they would send out a service technician right away. They arrived and provided maintenance In 15 minutes and checked out the rest of the central heating to confirm that it was in good working order. I'm pleased and recommend the maintenance contract for fast service and quick maintenance.

  • Michael G.
    Michael G.

    Ask for Ed - he is a great to work with on any HVAC needs.  I am a real estate agent and have used him for many projects including jobs under $100 and over $4,000.   Ed is cost effective, and promises to finish jobs on time.

  • Jay A.
    Jay A.

    I had my AC, furnace, and humidifier replaced in July. He also installed a drop down filter grill and programmable thermostat.  Ed took the time to review the options for my condo and provided a fair price.  He was also flexible with my schedule.  Ed made sure to keep his work area clean.   AC ran like a charm during the hot summer.  However, when I turned on the furnace for the first time, it worked but was making an annoying noise just before the burners turned on.  I contacted Ed and he responded immediately.   Turns out the fan inducer motor was faulty.  He returned after a few days with a replacement part from the manufacturer, installed it, and now its working great.  Ed has been responsive, flexible, and punctual.  Also, Ed completed the manufacturer warranty information for me.   Excellent service.

  • Christopher L.
    Christopher L.

    Quick. Efficient. Cost effective. These guys beat 6 quotes on a brand new hvac system for a 1500 sq ft home. Original system broke down at night. Called around the next morning. These guys were the first to return my call, gave me lowest quote of 6 and promptly came out and ordered the system. Picked up and installed the next day. Highly recommended! Have called them several times since for questions and yearly maintenance. Always the same service! AAA+/5*!

  • Alex B.
    Alex B.

    Had great with service from Ed at Around the Town. He came out to inspect my air conditioning which wasn't working. He was as able to identify the problem and offer multiple solutions, one of which worked immediately.Quick service, very helpful, went above and beyond to provide helpful information and fix the problem. He was as willing to send someone out on a holiday at no extra charge, though fortunately it wasn't needed. Couldn't have been more helpful!

  • Dorrie F.
    Dorrie F.

    Ed from Around The Town Heating and Cooling, along with his son Saldid a great job installing our new furnace. He showed up on time, brought protection for the common area hallways, took his shoes off when he entered our home and was meticulous in his work. I've used them twice so far and I'd use them again.DF

  • Dustin K.
    Dustin K.

    This place was perfect - I came home from a business trip Friday afternoon and my place was 40 degrees. Gave them a call and Ed was out to take a look at my furnace 2 hours later and the next morning showed up with his son Zach and was able to get a new furnace installed. In less than 20 hours everything was done. Super quick, super professional, and very transparent. Ed was great to work with - he even let me have a call with one of my HVAC buddies on speaker phone to vet the issue and the price, since I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff. Highly recommended and who I'll be going back to for any HVAC needs moving forward.

  • Kerri G.
    Kerri G.

    This review has been removed for violating our Terms of Service

  • Scott T.
    Scott T.

    We had some major furnace problems right as the cold was coming in and we were about to leave town. Unfortunately we ended up having to replace the furnace. Ed and his team were quick to diagnose, fair with the quote, and diligent when it came to getting the work done.They even loaned us some of their space heaters since they wouldn't be able to start work for the next couple of days.Can't recommend enough, they'll be our go-to HVAC company from here on out.

  • Barry M
    Barry M

    We used Ed twice . Once for a winter check up and the second time to install a humidifier in the furnace. My wife and I are very satisfied with his expertise and quality of work. There is no problem with recommending his company.

  • Lauren Y.
    Lauren Y.

    This review has been removed for violating our Terms of Service

  • Erik C.
    Erik C.

    Impressive work start to finish! I consider myself to have high standards and quick turn around, and ED and his staff were great the entire time.    Price was more than reasonable! Very impressed, and highly recommend.

  • Maureen B.
    Maureen B.

    Around the Town Heating & Cooling is the best! Ed has serviced my AC a few times and saved the day every time. This year there was no quick fix and I had to fully replace my furnace and AC. Ed gave me a very fair price (I got three quotes) and completed the work promptly and professionally. Ed has also been very responsive every time I called or texted. He even came out on a Sunday once to diagnose my problem. In addition, he is knowledgeable and thorough in his explanation of what I needed and why. I appreciate his solid work ethic and expertise in his industry. I am now sitting in my condo with the AC on and could not be happier. Thank you Ed and your crew for getting the job done well and also for your funny stories along the way. I would recommend to anyone who wants a fair, honest assessment and repairs.

  • Nick F.
    Nick F.

    Absolutely amazing service. My furnace broke down on a night when the low was -1 degrees. Ed wasn't able to make it to my apartment, but offered to FaceTime me to examine the furnace and walk me through troubleshooting the open limit switch. He was incredibly patient and helpful and managed to walk me through fixing the furnace. Cannot thank him enough. I was lucky to have called them for help.

  • Beth O.
    Beth O.

    Thank you Ed and crew for taking great care of my daughter and son in law by updating their old heating/cooling system.  Ed's company has been the  go to company for us for many years.  They are reliable, polite, fair and trustworthy.   When my daughter tells me they are calling Ed for help, I know the problem will get solved the right way asap.  When your grown kids are learning the ins and outs of owning their first home, there couldn't be a better teacher/advisor than Ed and Around the Town Heating and Cooling.

  • Broderick C.
    Broderick C.

    In the heat of the summer my ac broke, and I called Ed's company out. Ed tried a couple quick fixes to save me money and try to get the unit to last just until the end of the summer. Unfortunately it didn't work so Ed was out, the next morning doing an installation job. He and Salvatore showed up on time and worked tirelessly until the unit was up and running. Ed made sure I knew how to program the thermostat before he left. The prices were fair, the work was excellent, I would highly recommend these guys to you.

  • Nina B.
    Nina B.

    I woke up in the middle the night to hear a strange noise coming from my a/c unit. I called a number of different services and Ed and his team were the first people to respond. They came promptly on time and did amazing work fixing the problem without a lot of cost. Definitely use these guys they are amazing!

  • Mike M.
    Mike M.

    Ed is a classic Chicago tradesmen in a sense that you may find his personality a little rough but when you peel back the layers he is exactly who I want in my house working to help me get the right solution for a fair price. High on integrity and a genuine person. Salvatore, his son backs  him up and is great with customers. I recommend calling these guys when you need HVAC experts.

  • Peter Z.
    Peter Z.

    I called this Around the Town after having used a competitor for the last two years, but after several failed attempts looked for an alternative. I spoke with Ed friday morning and said he would make time to come out saturday for my appointment. Saturday am i called him to check if everything was still on time and he said that his crew was stuck at another job and would be for some time, but that he would personally drive out and do my inspection. He was very professional and considerate of my time and helped with some simple fixes that went above and beyond and have since resulted in cleaner more constant temperatures as well as future savings on filters as well. Thank you Ed and Sam for a job well done and a new client.

  • Beth O.
    Beth O.

    When my daughter's AC broke down during a very hot string of days recently, Ed was there that very day.  He found the problem immediately and it was fixed in a very short amount of time for a very reasonable rate.   He teaches as he goes, so if you want to learn, he is amazing!  Since this is the first home for my daughter and her fiancé, it's a great comfort to know that she has Ed's number in her phone and whatever the issue may be, he'll take care of it.  I recommend him and Around the Town Heating/Cooling one hundred percent.

  • William D.
    William D.

    We had are boiler go out and we called around the town. They had someone come out and inspect the unit. They repaired the boiler for a good price and it has been working great ever since. We would recommend Around the town to anyone in the chicago area who wants their furnaced fixed for a good price.

  • Shawna M.
    Shawna M.

    I would HIGHLY recommend Ed and his crew for any and all of your HVAC needs. Ed has installed our furnace, air conditioner, hot water heater, only recommending the highest quality appliances. He's come out for routine cleaning and maintenance, always ensuring that everything is operating at maximum effectiveness before leaving, as well as leaving our place even cleaner than it was before he came. Years ago, when our old furnace stopped working, he made sure the new one was installed ASAP, bringing space heaters to keep us warm in the short time. Mike and I are proud to call him "our HVAC" guy, Ed is just a great guy overall with a professional crew, his son included.

  • Kevin K.
    Kevin K.

    After taking over a 12-unit apartment building with a central boiler system earlier this year, I called Ed based on the good yelp reviews to do a clean and check on the boiler before firing it up for the upcoming winter.   Ed came out and noticed that the high velocity circulating pump was leaking water and another auxiliary pump wasn't sounding too good either.  Ed wrote me an estimate for the scope of work and it was a sizable bill.   At this point since I didn't know Ed too well, I called on a few other HVAC providers to get a second opinion.  Another shop offered a cheaper, stop-gap solution.   However, two other HVAC shops agreed with Ed's diagnosis but both were more expensive so I went with Ed.  Further, I noticed that the others didn't take as much time as Ed to inspect the situation so I felt comfortable going with him.Ed completed the initial repairs on time and on budget.  However, when he moved on to the individual apartments to fire up the system, he found some stuck zone valves that needed to be replaced.  I wasn't surprised by that given the age of the building so I had Ed complete those repairs as well.  However, after that was complete, I had some tenants complain about being too hot.  At this point, I personally could see the thermostats would open the zone valves, but not close them.  I called Ed and he came out immediately.  Long story short, after a good deal of investigation, it became apparent that the legacy wiring for all of the zone valves in the building was wrong.   Talking to the tenants, no one had controlled their heat for years with some too hot and others freezing!   It's possible the wiring had been incorrect for decades!  Ed took on the time-intensive job of re-wiring all of the zone valves and continues to help me fine tune the boiler system as we enter the winter.Beyond being an experienced and knowledgable tech, I really think Ed stands out as someone who takes ownership of a problem and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done right.  I could easily have seen other technicians leaving me in the lurch when the going got tough.  Further, Ed is great at answering technical questions and is more than willing to share information with you as opposed to keeping you in the dark.  Given all of this and along with fair pricing, I fully recommend Ed and Around the Town Heating.  I'm glad I found him.

  • Lisa R.
    Lisa R.

    Ed Pavlick came today from Around the Town Heating and Cooling to service my air conditioning unit and I am still so happy after 6 years when he initially installed both heating and air conditioning units. Not only can I completely trust him, but he is fair in his pricing.Here's a review I wrote 6 years ago and thought I would re post as I am still a satisfied customer!I am so thrilled to work with Ed from Around The Town. Aftergetting a few estimates, I found that he had the best price and he wasalso the most detailed. He spent time explaining my options thenhelped me choose / customize according to my needs. He installed newAC & Heating units (53% more efficient - including the thermostat)which is a huge improvement to what was originally installed. Some ofthe current concerns that I was having with my old unit were:1. My son had trouble breathing due to his allergiesWhen Ed opened up my unit (it's located in the ceiling), I wasSHOCKED!!!! I saw with my own eyes tangled duct work that was kinkedand filthy! We were breathing contaminates even after I just had theducts cleaned! I imagine since the ducts were tangled and kinked,they were difficult to clean. Even though it's been only a few dayssince the install, my son has had a much easier time breathing. fyi:one of the options I added was installing an electric air cleaner witha UV light that breaks down bacteria and kills it through the returnsystem. This will help too.2. I was never comfortable in my home; hot in summer / cold in wintersince the ducts were tangled and kinked this prevented the air frombeing able to circulate into my unit and as a result, the cold airstayed within the joists vs. going into my unit. I couldn'tunderstand why I was cranking my heat/air and was still very hot/cold. For instance, I usually set my AC at 68 degrees and was stillwarm, now since it has been installed, I set it at 78 degrees and amCOOL! This will obviously save me $$$ and provide a better airquality.3. My unit was very dry in the winter since I thought I didn't have ahumidifier. I was told by the inspector when I bought my unit that there was nohumidifier when in fact there was! Ed found a box all the way in theback that wasn't even hooked up - it was a "code" humidifier that wasnever turned on and the coil was "dead headed". This means that itwas never meant to be turned on, it was only there to pass codebecause they don't typically turn it on due to the fact that theyoften fail to operate including leaking which can cause waterdamage.Lastly, I found it interesting that the HVAC unit originally installedhad a TINY drain pan that wasn't even hooked up to the drain. Theevaporator coil was very dirty and full of bacteria. He installed afull drain pan under my unit so that if there is a leak, evensubstantial, it should help prevent water damage!Since building units were installed about 15 years ago, If you areconsidering replacing your unit, I would highly recommend using Ed asI am a very satisfied customer.

  • Ray S.
    Ray S.

    These guys were great!  Came out, same day as the call.  They had to climb a 44 foot ladder to get to my roof.  Absolutely went above and beyond.  I can't say enough about them.  Ed was absolutely fantastic - a real lifesaver!

  • Jack S.
    Jack S.

    I've been working with Ed for years, on multiple properties with no problems at all.  Ed is on time, knowledgable, reasonably priced and most of all very trustworthy.  I won't use anyone else for my HVAC needs!

  • Jenny A.
    Jenny A.

    I've worked with Ed from Around the Town Heating and Cooling for about 6 years now.  I unfortunately own a rental property in Park Forest, IL that seems to have needed every appliance or major operating system replaced in the last 10 years.  In any case, Ed is my "furnace guy."  I can't remember how I found Ed originally, probably yelp, but man did I find a jackpot. Let me start out by saying that I leave about 2,000 miles away from my property and most of my interaction with my elderly tenants is of the "this is broken" nature. Routinely they will call saying the furnace has gone out or the stove doesn't work and what can  I do but call a repair man.  Ed is my guy for anything heating or air conditioning. About 6 years ago he actually did have to replace my furnace, but since has come back around twice a year to inspect and do minor "repairs" on said furnace.  They're not usually repairs folks, usually the batteries are dead in the thermostat or they've turned the electrical switch off.  The great thing about Ed is that he always answers his phone, knows exactly who I am, knows my tenants and their idiosyncrasies, and works around us with ease.  For example today, I called him late into the evening because the "furnace was broken."  Ed said he would be out in about an hour and a half because he didn't want to leave my elderly tenants without heat.  When he was on the property found that the switch to the furnace had just been turned off.  He flipped it back on, everything worked perfectly, and did the extra duty of taping it so that the tenant wouldn't accidentally turn it off again.  He charged me a VERY reasonable fee for driving 45 min each way and making a call very late at night.  He always does.  Great work, no BS, love my "furnace man Ed."

  • Chris P.
    Chris P.

    After being let down by a competitor that was a no show for the window they gave, I called these guys. They did the install on the furnaces in my house before I bought it. I wasn't very impressed with the work done there, so I was reluctant to go to them. They gave me a time, not a window and showed up within 15 minutes of that. They were able to diagnose and correct the issue quickly, but I didn't get a concrete answer on what caused it. They suggested only using high flow filters because the corrugated allergen filters could burn out the motor.I think they charged around $190 for a half hour service visit - no parts needed.

  • Brian M.
    Brian M.

    My wife and I have been using Around The Town for years now. Ed has always been fair honest and extremely prompt when we have needed his service. It's hard to trust people these days but Ed has always come through and has earned our utmost respect and trust.  Fair pricing and professional service. Thanks Ed. You once again saved us from a cold night!

  • Cathleen M.
    Cathleen M.

    I thought we were going to get gauged for an emergency replacement of our water heater on this sub-zero Sunday. To our pleasant surprise Ed responded promptly with a reasonable price and the qualified service to help us rest easy. Bath, launder and wash.

  • Arlene F.
    Arlene F.

    I have been extremely happy with Around the Town's service.  I called this past week for my furnace.  They came out as soon as I was available (on a Saturday!) to take a look at it and determined that it would take some serious work.  Ed knew how worried I was with the cold weather coming, and was able to get the parts and have the work completed on Monday.  I really can't say enough good things - Ed is so caring and gave me excellent advice on maintenance for the furnace and air conditioning  (In fact, when I had a problem two years ago - he left oil for me and gave me instructions on how to use it properly on the unit.)Ed really goes above and beyond - including giving me names of craftsmen to help with other much-needed repairs.You will be glad you called this service.

  • Dennis S.
    Dennis S.

    A Great Heating & Cooling Service that is honest and very good.I had a big problem. My large hot water tank which is all solid state stopped heating the water. I called many contractors and had a different story from each one of them. I called Whirpool, the manufacturer and the gave me the name of a contractor in Chicago. The also told ne that all parts to my heater were covered by Whirpool for 12 years and that I would not get charged for the parts. I called the recommended contractor and they gave me a crzy price when I asked. So I had heard of Around the Town whom I had used previously for an air conditioning problem. they came the next day. The correct parts were ordered and in 2 days -- had to get the parts -- the hot water heater was as good as new and the price was very good. It is hard to find an honest Heating and Cooling guy but I highly recommend Ed Pavlik--a great guy and hones as the day is long.

  • Doug D.
    Doug D.

    Ed is the best there is when it comes to HVAC.   Not only are his prices the best,  but his knowledge and expertise will blow you away.     Best of all ,  you get personal service that is based upon your needs and the situation you are in.     Emergency service?   You can rely on these guys to care and do there best to work around the clock to get your heat or a/c working as fast as possible.   No big company with many service trucks can match the quality and personal service Around the Town can give you and once you become a customer like me,   you will never need another HVAC service company rest assured.      I've been a happy customer since 2009.

  • John W.
    John W.

    I woke up early saturday to a cold apartment, so like a rational adult, I went back to bed. Woke up again 3 hours later and still no heat - with friends coming for football the next day - and no idea why the heater sounds like it's working but i'm clearly shivering. Called and got ahold of Ed, who said he would be there in a half hour - on a saturday morning. Imposible I thought. LESS than 30 minutes later he was there with equipment and his assistant in tow. They were on time, courteous, and diagnosed the problem quickly as well as had very helpful suggestions for maintaining my heating unit in the best possible shape. Best part was when he asked me about the mailing list he totally didn't give it the hard sell and i gladly signed up. He was even kind enough to knock off a few bucks since he was already on his way back to the city from another job. I will definitely be using them again come springtime to check out my AC unit. Could not have been happier with the service, and after they left you couldn't even tell someone was there. absolutely top notch.

  • William R.
    William R.

    I'm keeping Around the Town when i have heating or AC problems. I've had problems with other companies overcharging me needlessly, and I think beingtaken advantage of. But Ed and his crew i believe charged us very fairly and did good work. Even on the hottest day of the year he was able to schedule a visit within 24 hours of when I called him.

  • Roger S.
    Roger S.

    I was in need of a new AC unit. I called Ed, and he came out and explained all of my options, and described which unit was best suited for my situation. He did not try to sell me the most expensive unit. He explained why the unit he recommended was the best for my house.Ed and his crew installed the new AC unit in about a half day. They were on time, and very professional with all of their work. Everything was clean when they were done.After several weekends of intense heat, the AC unit they installed has worked perfect. Ed followed up a couple of days after the install to make sure everything was working. I highly recommend "Around the Town"  for any type of heating/AC needs.

  • Ela G.
    Ela G.

    I've worked with Around the Town in years past and again just recently and I've always had a great experience.  Ed and his team are professional and knowledgeable. They arrived on time as promised and Ed even called me afterwards to follow up on the service and if everything was to my satisfaction.  Prices are reasonable too!

  • Working M.
    Working M.

    I was happy that Ed came out as soon as possible and was able to help us out with not only a furnace issue 2 years ago but also with maintenance and repair of our air conditioner. I think that his pricing is fair and that he did a great job for us. We plan on using him again when we replace our air conditioner this spring. I thought his personality was pleasant and after all the work was done you could not tell that anyone had been there.

  • Patty H.
    Patty H.

    This review has been removed for violating our Terms of Service

  • Margaret O.
    Margaret O.

    Wait, I just wrote a positive review for "Around the Town"  a few weeks ago. Ed was my hero, when other heating and air guys charged me a fortune and did not fix my furnace. Funny though...I ujst see the same two negative reviews that preceded mine. What happened to my " 5 Star" review?

  • Margaret O.
    Margaret O.

    I am surprised by the other two reviewers' comments. Ed showed up on time after I was stood up by my builder's repairman. It was a bitterly cold day last winter,  new house, new furnance, should work, right? Sadly, not. But, in no time, Ed figured out the problem ( when the builder could not twice before) and we had heat. Since that time, we use Around the Town for all routine maintanence. Ed is just one of those guys who can assess the problem, fix it quickly and be on his way. And...always pleasant to deal with..even received a thank you note after his last service call.

  • Carmille S.
    Carmille S.

    Ed put in a furnace for my mother and father on Friday September 23, 2011 and I am keeping all of their information! I will be buying a house soon and I know who will handle all of my heating and cooling needs! Around the Town gives efficient service, great recommendations and great prices! The crew came and worked morning til afternoon until everything was completed. They didn't leave a mess, like other companies have a tendency to do. Thanks Ed!

  • Michael A.
    Michael A.

    These guys are honest, real guys who you can feel good about doing business with.  They are a refreshing change from other HVAC companies our condo association have used.  I would highly recommend Around the Town.

  • Glenn F.
    Glenn F.

    Around the Town and Ed are THE BEST in the Chicagoland HVAC business.  I have been a customer for a few years and continue to be impressed with Ed's service, professionalism, honesty, integrity, and very reasonable prices.  I will continue to be a loyal customer to Ed and highly recommend Around the Town to family, friends, and fellow Yelpster's for their HVAC needs.  Ed always goes out of his way to meet his customer's needs as promptly and professionally as possible.  Once you've had the pleasure of Around the Town's service you won't be patronizing another HVAC company.

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