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Air Conditioning Repair Costs

We provide fast and easy central air conditioning repair services in the Chicago area at Around The Town Heating and Cooling. All of our highly-trained contractors are licensed, experienced and certified technicians who provide excellent service anywhere in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Chicago’s top heating and air conditioning company is Around the Town Heating […]

Refrigerant R-22 Alternatives

Alternatives to R-22 can cost you more than you think! Refrigerant R-22 alternatives are not the greatest thing since sliced bread, however it is an alternative to the high dollar cost of R-22 which is considered an Ozone depleting chemical. Refrigerant R-22 is being phased out faster than originally proposed under the Montreal protocol rule. […]

My Home Air conditioner Is Not Cooling?

My home air conditioner is not cooling. What could it be? My home air conditioner is not cooling what can it be? Home air conditioners can be fussy at times and we as an air conditioner contractor know this all too well. Many home air conditioner problems can be linked directly to lack of maintenance. […]

Everything You Want To Know About Air Conditioning!

When did people start using cool air for comfort? Thousands of years ago, the wealthiest of the Romans used aqueducts that ran cool water from the springs, wells and rivers through their walls of the structure to keep them cool. Today, we call that chillers (and it is almost the same principle). Refrigeration was then […]

Everything You Want To Know About Blower Motors

 What does the blower motor have to do with my Air Conditioning System? Why does the blower motor some times blow harder that other times? How much should a blower motor cost? Small questions, big answers. The blower motor circulates air through your duct work.  It regulates (along with your limit control) the amount of […]

HVAC service call diagnostic

HVAC service call diagnostic fees can vary from company to company. A reputable company will also offer a timeframe for their diagnostic fee that sets them apart from the competition. For a hvac service call diagnostic furnace diagnostic, we allow 1 hour. There are many instances where the homeowner, another HVAC contractor or for that […]

My Central Air Conditioning Unit Is Blowing Warm Air! What Do I Do?

There is nothing worse than having an incredible warm day and you try to kick in your central air to find that your central air conditioning unit is only blowing warm air. It is even worse when this occurs in the middle of summer! These last couple days here in Chicago have given us Chicago […]