HVAC service call diagnostic fees can vary from company to company. A reputable company will also offer a timeframe for their diagnostic fee that sets them apart from the competition.

For a hvac service call diagnostic furnace diagnostic, we allow 1 hour. There are many instances where the homeowner, another HVAC contractor or for that matter a side-jobber starts pulling wiring apart and then can’t reassembly the wires.


When these occurrences occur, our technicians need to rewire the HVAC system or furnace, and at times, boilers. Furnaces and boilers can be wired in a variety of ways. There is one thing that each furnace and boiler has in common, and that is wiring it for safe and proper operation.  Safety controls prevent flue gas spills and flame rollouts, as well as overheating.

With all these high-efficiency energy efficient controls and motors, as well as multistage gas valves and control boards, troubleshooting modern heating systems can be a challenge.

HVAC service call diagnostic fees vary among companies. One factor, however, remains the same, and that is the cost of training our technicians.  As well as fuel and labor costs, you’ll need to pay a technician to diagnose your system.

Please remember that furnaces and boilers use propane or natural gas to heat. Always allow a skilled technician to service this equipment. Thanks Ed


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