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My AC is broken?

We receive phone calls stating that our air conditioner is not working. Our answer to this quagmire starts this way. Have you checked or changed your furnace filters recently? We ask that question because 40% of AC issues are caused by clogged furnace filters.

Your air conditioner can malfunction if your furnace filter is dirty.

An air conditioner that isn’t working can be caused by a dirty furnace filter.

The homeowner either says yes or I’m not sure or here is the most common answer, what is a furnace filter? The furnace filter affects your AC operation but also the furnace.

My ac is broke
A dirty furnace filter can cause your air conditioner to break down.

BOTTOM LINE: Change the furnace filter regularly such as every 2 months. A furnace filter should not be rated higher than Merv 5. Any furnace filter rated higher than Merv 5 restricts airflow. These updated Eco motors don’t overcome static pressure regardless of what the manufacturer reps tell us.

Performing a static pressure test will determine the static pressure with a filter in and out. If a HVAC Contractor is worth his weight they will perform the static pressure test and write it down on the sheet metal return near eye level.

If you are the homeowner, you can sometimes repair a broken AC by using a garden hose and thoroughly cleaning the outside unit. In addition, you should ensure your furnace filter is clean. Of course if the AC is broken and it is mechanical, a qualified AC repair man is needed.

My air conditioner isn’t working. What should I do? Assess the situation regarding the central air conditioning and follow the steps described above at all times. The above steps to repair your AC may not work,

If your AC is broken don’t worry, we are here to help.

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