My home air conditioner is not cooling. What could it be?


My home air conditioner is not cooling what can it be? Home air conditioners can be fussy at times and we as an air conditioner contractor know this all too well.

Many home air conditioner problems can be linked directly to lack of maintenance. This is not always the case that’s for sure, however it’s usually the majority of home air conditioner problems.

My home air conditioner is not cooling what can it be? We have also found that improper installations from the get go causes home air conditioning problems later on in the home air conditioners life.

You may wonder how it could have worked all those years in the past and now it’s not? Well, over time with improper installation many internal issues develop such as compressor winding issues contaminated refrigerant, low refrigerant from day one.

My home air conditioner is not cooling. What is the problem? Like cars in our region, they seem to wear out over the years. They require maintenance in the same manner as old tires, rust issues, squeaky doors, etc. Home air conditioners have the same wear patterns; Rust occurs in the evaporator coils, compressors fail due to excessive use with low maintenance.

Your home air conditioner is an appliance and will fail at some point. We live in a time where planned obsolescence is dictated by corporations. Home air conditioners, cell phones, washers and dryers and pretty much anything made on this planet today is made to break down sooner than later. Going back 30, 40, 50 years ago appliances as well as pretty much anything else for that matter were made to last.

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My home air conditioner is not cooling. What could it be?

First things first, check the furnace filter condition. If dirty or slightly dirty remove it and install a fresh filter. (Please do not use those expensive pleated filters) Natural air filters or Flounders filters are OK to use.

Second item would be to insure your unit outside is running or attempting to run. Remember we have many lighting storms that disrupt power, so therefor go to your electrical panel and look for a double pole 30 or 40 amp breaker and see if it’s tripped. If you have a big system then 50 or 60 amp breakers may have been used. Same applies to see if the breaker is tripped.

Also if you can access the outdoor unit look closely at the condenser and see if it’s clogged with dirt or cotton wood. If it is, by all means get a garden hose and clean the condenser. If none of the above helps in making your home air conditioner work correctly, it’s time to call a certified air conditioning company such as Around the Town Heating and Cooling.

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