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Winter is Here: How to Keep Your Heating and Air System Running Smoothly

The arrival of winter in Chicago is proving challenging for many, with increasing reports of malfunctioning HVAC units.

With the city’s descent into colder temperatures, numerous households are encountering difficulties with their heating systems, leading to a surge in demand for maintenance services.

Salvatore, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience at Around the Town Heating and Air Conditioning, observes a significant rise in service requests during the colder months. “It’s picking up, and it’s picking up quick,” he comments.

This season, Salvatore’s team is managing up to six appointments daily, attending to the 800 units they service throughout Chicago and its southern suburbs. Common issues range from malfunctioning thermostats and failing motors to the complete replacement of units. “You wake up and you have no heat. Unfortunately, this time of year, it’s often about units needing to be replaced,” Salvatore explains.

He emphasizes that preventative measures, such as annual checkups and maintenance services, are crucial to avoid unexpected and costly replacements. “Preventative maintenance is key not just for catching big problems early but also for extending the life of your unit. With the colder weather, your units have to work harder to maintain warmth,” Salvatore advises.

A resident of Oak Park shared her experience of neglecting basic maintenance, which led to a significant disruption. “We turned the heat on, and it set off the fire alarm in the entire building because the filters hadn’t been changed… It’s vital to ensure your filters are changed to avoid such situations.”

In an effort to support the community, Around the Town Heating and Cooling is initiating a campaign to donate spare units to families in need within the area. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to not just service and maintenance but also community welfare.

For those interested in this initiative or seeking maintenance services, visiting the contact page of Around the Town Heating and Cooling is highly encouraged.

Heating systems seem to fail with the fluctuation of outdoor temperatures.

During this time of year, faulty flame sensors and dirty furnace filters are common heating repair symptoms. With the pandemic behind us, the average employee will be back at work. What does this mean? Returning to the workplace after working from home. In the daily struggle to get to and from work and the stress of the day, your heating system can sometimes be put on the back burner.

This time of year, temperatures range from the high 40’s to the teens in the early morning. Temperature fluctuations also stress the heating system. Heating repairs will be necessary from running continuously to not running at all. Being back at work can be frustrating, especially if you have to fix your heater, boiler, or furnace. Fortunately, Chicago heating service companies are here to help.

With over 25 years of experience in the Chicago area, Around the Town HVAC is ready for any challenge. Whether you are in Chicago, the southwest suburbs of Chicago, or Northern Indiana, you can rely on Around the Town’s expert technicians this winter to keep you and your family warm. Our technicians are licensed, insured, and certified, so you’ll never have to worry about their quality.

Around the Town has also been commended by its customers for its willingness to answer any questions even after repairs or installations have taken place. Whenever you need further information, you can reach the most trusted Chicago heating repair company online or by calling 312-243-9896.


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