Before and After Your Home Heating Furnace Repair

before after Chicago Furnace repair

Home heating; the absence of cold. Home heating has many sources of cold air removal. Let’s take fire places for example; fireplaces have been a heating source ever since fire was created, however fireplaces were first used during the Roman era. Not every Roman had a fireplace, mostly the elite Romans were privileged. Home heating […]

My Home Air conditioner Is Not Cooling?

My home air conditioner is not cooling. What could it be? My home air conditioner is not cooling what can it be? Home air conditioners can be fussy at times and we as an air conditioner contractor know this all too well. Many home air conditioner problems can be linked directly to lack of maintenance. […]

Air Conditioning Repair Costs

We provide fast and easy central air conditioning repair services in the Chicago area at Around The Town Heating and Cooling. All of our highly-trained contractors are licensed, experienced and certified technicians who provide excellent service anywhere in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Chicago’s top heating and air conditioning company is Around the Town Heating […]

Refrigerant R-22 Alternatives

Alternatives to R-22 can cost you more than you think! Refrigerant R-22 alternatives are not the greatest thing since sliced bread, however it is an alternative to the high dollar cost of R-22 which is considered an Ozone depleting chemical. Refrigerant R-22 is being phased out faster than originally proposed under the Montreal protocol rule. […]

Furnace filters, do dirty furnace filter cause problems with my furnace?

Furnace filters and problems associated with furnace filters. Furnace filters: Many service calls we are called out on are related to dirty furnace filters. Furnace filters that are restricted due to dirt build causes many furnace related problems. The furnace manufactures recommend changing your furnace filter monthly, however we know that many homeowners neglect that […]