Heating is absolutely essential. Nobody should go without heat. Just imagine going through a Chicago winter without heat- not fun. So, what happens when the heat goes out? We cannot just make a fire in our living rooms. We have a couple of checks you can go through to help mitigate the problem and the best part is they are easy to check. You do not have to be mechanically inclined or a “DIY” person. However, if you need heat, as an emergency (extreme cold, very old or young people), please call an HVAC contractor immediately.

Simple checklist for heating

  • Check thermostat for low battery or low charge if you have a chargeable thermostat. If so, replace batteries or charge thermostat, respectively.
  • Check furnace filter. If dirty or clogged, replace.
  • Check your furnace for an error code. You can do this by going to your furnace and looking through the small glass window usually located on the bottom panel. If there is an error code, you will notice a blinking sequence. Most furnace will have chart for the error codes associated with the sequence.
  • Check to make sure furnace power source is not accidentally switched off or the breaker is not switched off.


Believe it or not, low batteries on a thermostat happens much more frequently than expected. Same with routine changing of a furnace filter thus leading to a heating problem. Many service technicians can tell you that your heating went out because of something simple as a dirty furnace filter or the power switch was accidentally turned off. Therefore, follow these simple checks and go through them one by one. If you followed the checklist and it turns out all checks are fine, please call a HVAC contractor and have them figure it out. Lastly, give the checklist a try before calling your HVAC contractor, hopefully saving you some money, extra time, or a hassle. Thanks!


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