Clogged Chimneys in Chicago

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The Hidden Danger of Clogged Chimneys: What You Need to Know Clogged chimneys are a common issue, especially with older atmospheric furnaces and boilers that vent flue gases through steel pipes into the chimney. Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in chimney collapses, raising concerns about safety and efficiency. Why This Matters: As the government pushes […]

What To Do When Your AC Isn’t Working

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What to Do When Your AC Isn’t Working If your air conditioner has stopped working, don’t worry just yet. There are several quick checks you can perform yourself before calling in the professionals from Around The Town Heating & Cooling. Here’s what to do when your AC isn’t working: start by checking the thermostat settings, […]

Winter is Here: How to Keep Your Heating and Air System Running Smoothly

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Winter is Here: How to Keep Your Heating and Air System Running Smoothly The arrival of winter in Chicago is proving challenging for many, with increasing reports of malfunctioning HVAC units. With the city’s descent into colder temperatures, numerous households are encountering difficulties with their heating systems, leading to a surge in demand for maintenance […]

How to Find the Best AC Repair Contractor in Chicago

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When your air conditioning needs repair, choosing the right contractor is crucial. In Chicago, it’s essential that AC repair contractors are not only licensed but also have the proper certifications to ensure safe and efficient service. Key Qualifications for AC Contractors: Licensing and Certification: Ensure your AC contractor is licensed. Ask for their license number […]

Around the Town Heating and Cooling: Crestwood’s Premier HVAC Service Provider

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Around the Town Heating and Cooling: Your Crestwood HVAC Service Experts Crestwood Deserves the Best Welcome to Around the Town Heating and Cooling, your trusted HVAC specialists since 2004. Located in the heart of the Chicago South suburbs, we pride ourselves on being more than just service providers; we’re your neighbors. Whether you’re a homeowner […]

Chicago’s Cooling Ordinance: What You Need to Know

Chicago’s Cooling Ordinance

In June 2022, Chicago took a significant step to ensure its residents can beat the summer heat. The City Council passed a Chicago Cooling Ordinance, which mandates air conditioning in common gathering spaces within certain residential buildings. Here are the main takeaways: 1. Ordinance Overview: New and existing residential buildings in Chicago must have air […]

Before and After of a Trane Commercial Rooftop Unit Replacement in Chicago, IL

Greetings to our Chicago community and HVAC enthusiasts around the globe! Today, we’re excited to share a fascinating look into the world of commercial HVAC transformations. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one speaks volumes. Buckle up as we dive into the tale of a transformative journey from […]