CHICAGO, IL. – Around the Town Heating and Air Conditioning is still operating, making sure that customers are comfortable at home during this pandemic. We are prioritizing emergency appointments, and we want our customers to know that we are dedicated to making sure customers are comfortable while they’re quarantined. “The weather is just going to get warmer in Chicago from here on out. Nobody wants to be quarantined with no air-conditioning in their home,”

HVAC companies can be key in helping people stay healthy. “Even though we consider sometimes air conditioning to be a luxury, for a lot of people it is actually for your health as well. People that have breathing problems, asthma, and have other health issues,”.

Around the Town HVAC is still available to visit customers’ homes and repair heating and air conditioning on an emergency basis. Around the Town HVAC says our top priority is safety, both on calls, and back at the office. “I handle deliveries, equipment deliveries, every day and I’ll wear gloves and a mask when needed. Just handling the boxes, we’re just taking every precaution possible to prevent the spread,”

Around the Town HVAC is doing what it can to make sure customers are staying healthy while technicians visit their homes. “We have a lot of really great customers that support us every year. We want to continue to be able to serve them in the best capacity that we can, given the current circumstances, and we are trying to do our part with providing PPE to our employees,”

Technicians going out on calls are being provided with hand sanitizer, gloves, booties, and masks. Because COVID-19 doesn’t stop temperatures from changing, and people need comfortable living spaces, we are available for our customers’ needs around the clock. “We are offering services even through this pandemic. We have all the necessary safety measures in place. So, please feel free to give us a call and don’t hesitate. We are still here,”

Around the Town Heating and Air Conditioning is looking forward to returning to normal business practices. If you’re in need of an emergency repair, you can call us at 312-243-9896.


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