Boiler Installation Alsip

The boiler installation on Lawndale Avenue in Alsip, IL went smoothly. A customer from years past had needed HVAC service and had forgotten the name of our company. Happenstance, Greg and his wife Jennifer were driving on Pulaski Avenue at 115th street when Greg spotted our van and asked his wife, “Isn’t that who we had used in the past?” Jennifer replied that she believed so.

Apparently, they took a picture of the van and called us for an estimate for a new central air conditioner. When I went to Greg and Jennifer’s new home, I quoted them a new AC system. I noticed that there were space heaters in the house, as it was cold in the house. I asked Greg and Jennifer what was going on. While I was there, I fixed the 50-year-old boiler they told me was broken. In light of the cold weather and the fact that it is the end of February, Greg decided to upgrade the boiler.

Boiler installation Alsip IL
Boiler installation Alsip

Jennifer and Greg opted to use window air conditioners until they could afford the Unico system I suggested. There are times when needs are more critical than wants. However, Greg and Jennifer do need a central A/C system and our company is trying to figure out how to achieve this for them.

March 20, 2022, spring arrived, and daily you can feel the warmer weather approaching. The extreme cost of central air conditioning parts and new installation it should be important to have your central air conditioning system maintained.


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