How do you maintain your home’s humidity level throughout the year?

Humidity level in my home? If you have ever asked yourself, “What is the ideal humidity level for my home in the summer or winter?”, you are not alone.

During the summer months, the average humidity should be between 30 and 45 percent (below the 50% mark). You may need a relative humidity below 40% during the winter months to avoid condensation on your windows. Problems can be prevented by keeping relative humidity within the proper ranges.

Humidity levels in my home, will it help my home feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter?

It is not only uncomfortable to live in an unbalanced house, but it may also make you and your family susceptible to respiratory disorders or chemical reactions.

Additionally, improper humidity levels can also cause damage to both the inside and outside of your home.


humidity levels in my home

Removing unwanted moisture in your home is one of the primary functions of your home’s air conditioning system. However, your air conditioning system may not be enough to remove the excess moisture that comes into your home.

Keeping your home at the right temperature and maintaining recommended humidity levels will ensure your comfort and safety at different times of the year.

To manage health effects and illnesses, ASHRAE suggests a range of 45% – 55% humidity.

For our physical comfort, the humidity should range from 30% to 60%. At the high end of the range is 60%. During the winter months, as well as for homes with oak floors and wood throughout the building, 45% to 55%.

The feeling of sticky and frizzy hair and just an uncomfortable feeling in general when the humidity level is between 55% and 80% can be very bad. When it comes to central air conditioning, high humidity can be a sign that your system is not functioning properly.


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