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Air Conditioning Repair 60459 – Central, Stickney

Summer is here and you want air conditioning to keep your house cool and fresh. You cannot stay in front of a fan throughout the day or fan yourself. This is exhausting and time wasting. Air conditioning is a permanent solution to cooling down your house and your body. Air conditioning installation needs to be done by a company that has qualified and well trained contractors. Around the Town Heating and Cooling Inc has just the right experts and prices to get new and improved air conditioning systems installed not only in your homes, but any place of your choice. We carry out load calculations to determine the proper installation to be done and give you a detailed report. Our experts also answer any questions you might have and explain how to maintain and properly use the system. If you live in Chicago or around Chicago, we are the best …

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Get Your Air Conditioner Ready Chicago

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready Chicago Get your air conditioner ready Chicago, this means call big ed and crew, have them come to your home or business to perform an annual central air conditioner maintenance service.  I’m sure you see how the weather dictates when you turn on the central AC system.  The weather in Chicago has not been too hot or too cold and therefore the phones have slowed down a bit of late. This happens in all service/installation businesses especially in Chicago. Now if this was Las Vegas, air conditioning repair happens 24/7 pretty much all year around. My point is that central air conditioning system can be turned on tomorrow during the day and then the furnaces back on that evening. When the outdoor temps is in the 60’s and 70’s it is the perfect time to get the A/c clean and maintained. Watch the weather forecast and plan accordingly before the 80’s …

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Chicago Air Conditioning, Air Conditioner Repair, Central Air Conditioning Cleaning

Chicago Air Conditioning, Air Conditioner Repair, Central Air Conditioning Cleaning These terms are often search for when looking for the services we provide and we provide them well for you the the people of Chicago. Don’t believe us, call us and we will give you personal references to hundreds of satisfied customers in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Over the years we have serviced or installed air conditioning systems and completed repairs for thousands of people, and the  majority of Chicago residents we serviced retained us as their HVAC technicians due to our excellent customer service and our friendly demeanor. Around The Town Heating and Cooling is not a huge company, matter of fact we downsized our company a few years back to service the needs of our existing customers as well as new customers we obtain.  Over the years we have found it is not good to grow a company too large in the …

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Chicago Ridge Air Conditioning Repair Service

Finding good Air conditioning contractors can some times be difficult. When the weather is humid and very sticky and you have not had your air conditioning tuned-up, guess what  Happens? That is when the air conditioner usually breaks down. Central air conditioning is like your car, it really should be tuned-up. A lot of the older generation says “ah` humbug I never had my air conditioner tuned-up and it runs just fine”.  That may be just pure luck or you may think the air conditioning is running just fine and you just have high electric bills. As electric consumption is used, it is measured in watts or better yet kilowatts when it comes to air conditioning.  Chicago Ridge 60415 residents are using more  energy than necessary due to dirty air conditioners or air conditioners that are not operating properly. Get energy conscious and save money by tuning up your air conditioner or …

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Central Air Conditioning Special 16 Point Inspection

Have you had your central air conditioning cleaned and checked? At Around the town Heating and Cooling use a 16 point check list to perform our air conditioning cleaning and tuning to insure the air conditioning unit you own is safe, energy efficient, and will last longer with proper maintenance.  Here is what we check on your air conditioner: Check or replace home owner supplied furnace or air handler filter Clean and inspect indoor blower for proper operation and debris Inspect duct work for proper sizing for proper static pressure Do a visual inspection to the evaporator coil for cleanliness Check wet bulb and dry bulb temps in home relating to humidity Check temperature drop between supply and return at furnace Check air flow restrictions at furnace or air handler Check thermostats for proper functionality Out door condenser checks consists of the following below: Inspect all high and low voltage electrical …

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance. It’s funny how every year we send out post card  and online reminders concerning the importance of air conditioning maintenance.  Many consumers/homeowners ignore these reminders. 80% of the homeowners that ignore our reminders end up spending more money on air conditioning repairs or a new air conditioner (due to lack of maintenance). The customers of ours that heed our reminders very seldom have breakdowns of their HVAC systems.  Sure that rule doesn’t always apply, especially if furnace filters aren’t changed regularly. Besides mechanical equipment does tend to break from time to time even with heating and air conditioning maintenance. But the odds decrease ten fold in your favor. We do not send these reminders because we have nothing better to do; we send these to help insure your air conditioning system is working at peak performances. Does it create work for us? Yes it does, however air …

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New Central Air Conditioner Sales

New Central Air Conditioner Sales Chicago Memorial Day has come and gone and the summer festivities are about to POP.  Beaches will open graduation parties will commence, and the heat of summer to swelter. New central air conditioner sales will also pop up everywhere in the newspapers, websites on TV ads and anyplace advertisers can get them seen. How do you know if the new central air conditioner sales you see are good sales? When shopping new central air conditioner sales it’s always good to get 3 estimates, anymore then that is a waste of time.  Compare apples to apples with your 3 estimates.  Make sure the salesmen are documenting everything they’re promising you for the new central air conditioner sales.  Watch for the bait and switch, we have seen air conditioning sales companies offer one central air conditioner and install another, Be Aware! New central air conditioner sales Brand.  …

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Central Air Conditioning Services – Around the Town HVAC

Central Air conditioning services will soon be needed; don’t miss out on the pre-season specials. Central air conditioning services include cleaning and maintenance to your central air conditioning system. Why should I have my central air conditioning cleaned and maintenance? Good question. Like anything mechanical, maintenance is key for a properly function machine. With central air conditioning systems items do fail without usages. Let me explain. During the long winter months your central air conditioning systems sits outside and the moisture causes rusting of the components of the central air conditioning system. Three of the major component that seems to fail during the non-seasonal use is the condenser fan motor, the contactor and the capacitor. With the condenser fan motor, sometimes the motor will stick after a prolonged period of non-usage. When the central air conditioning system is turned on in the beginning of the a/c season, a high amperage …

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Air Conditioning Estimates Chicago

Air conditioning estimates can be very confusing when dealing with three or more air conditioning contractors. Air conditioning estimates lend themselves to how tricky an air conditioning estimator is.  And I stress trickery verses salesmanship.  The air conditioning estimators are trained to confuse the average buyer about a new central air conditioning system. Let me give you a short version of confusion. Recently the new furnace laws were to take affect May 1st 2013 concerning furnace minimum efficiencies of 90% in the northern districts of the United States.  That law has been recently cancelled due to too many inconsistencies in the law and building structures. However every day we receive phone calls from the consumer stating that their HVAC contractor or some other contractor is saying the furnace law is still in effect.  It’s not trust me.  It’s a scare tactics to get a sale.  Trickery, confusion and what I …

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Check Chicago

Air conditioning maintenance check should be performed on all a/c units regardless of age. Having your central air conditioning unit cleaned and tuned up will insure that the system will perform when the weather turns hot.  Air conditioning maintenance check is required with all new air conditioning units as well in order to keep your a/c warranty intact. Air conditioning maintenance check consists of cleaning the actual a/c condenser outdoors as well as checking your drain line by the furnace.  Other tasks for air conditioning maintenance checks consist of checking Freon levels.  This insures there are no Freon leak in system. OR if the Freon level was correct to begin with. Other inspections for air conditioning maintenance checks are,  testing and inspecting all electrical components in the condenser unit(outside unit) as well as in the furnace or air handler. Main items to be considered very important in air conditioning maintenance …

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