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Heating And Cooling


Heating and cooling has a wide variety of uses such as baking, food processing, distilleries and processing metals and so on. But the term heating and cooling within our business is associated with heating your home or office and cooling your home or office for the comfort of the people. Heating and cooling has many types of equipment to be used for comfort heating and cooling. We prefer Trane heating and cooling equipment for our residential and commercial uses. Operational performances outlast most other brands available in the market today, and have excellent warranties second to none that comes along with the equipment when installed new. There are many other types of heating and cooling products that provides comfort heating and cooling in homes or business such as water and steam boilers, wall mounted heating units and electric heating units. On the cooling side of things, there are cooling units …

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Furnace Repair Contractor in Chicago

Furnace repair contractor in Chicago knows soon the air conditioning systems will be running, however this cold Chicago weather is still lingering around. Have our service repair phone number handy just in case your furnace, heating or boiler breaks down, 312-243-9896   Furnace repair contractor in Chicago is servicing the neighborhood residences furnaces and boilers for 15 plus years.  If you having a furnace repair need this year, remember that our service technician are trained and independently evaluated seasonally. We use a HVAC training service to continue testing our technicians to insure that our customers are receiving intelligent and precise diagnosis of problems on your furnace or boiler and your air conditioning systems when they arise. When it comes to delivering quality HVAC service, Big Ed realize that actions speak louder than words.  Instead of just talking superior service, we practice it through listening and responding to your needs.  We achieve this by repairing …

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Boiler Plumbing Repair

Boiler plumbing is an art all to itself. Many HVAC contractors shy away from this particular work, especially in Chicago. Albeit boilers have many controls that are similar as furnaces, they only differ in their function. Boiler plumbing is dirty and tedious work and it’s understandable why a HVAC contractor may shy away from that kind of work. Boiler plumbing work for our company is great unless the boilers are maintained poorly. Poorly maintained boilers can have many issues such as; low water cutoff control problems, water hammering, steam valve releasing water issues and many more problems like air in system, low or no circulation in piping system. Other issues we see a lot of in boiler plumbing is clogged flue chambers, rusted burners and rusted pilot assemblies, as well as rusted site glasses and rusted closed drain valves and zone valves. poorly maintained boilers  can cause explosions as described …

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Boiler Heating Repair

Boiler heating repair is that of a boiler which produces heating and for some reason failed to heat you up. Boiler heating repair persons such as Around the Town Heating’s unusually large guy named Big Ed gets the job done and gets it done right. Is boiler heating repair more difficult then, well let’s say forced air heat?Could be, there are differences in the amount of issues that may arise from boiler heating repairs verses forced air heating repairs. Such as with steam boilers, you may have a low water cut off that’s not reconnecting its internal switch, in turn will not let your boiler fire up. This occurrence happens with forced air furnaces by way of a high limit being tripped due to a clogged or dirty filter or a pressure switch stuck in the closed or open position. Also with forced air furnaces you may have a defected …

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Buy A Gas Furnace

Buy a gas furnace in the Chicago-land area you may want to seek out Around the Town Heating and Cooling. Or better known as Around the Town HVAC. Buy a gas furnace from Who? Why? You may wonder why you should seek out Around the Town Heating and Cooling to buy a gas furnace. For starters our company offers a great gas furnace for a reasonable price. We don’t tell you cheap then you come to find out its more expensive.We use no gimmicks to get into your door. We don’t advertise a new high efficient furnace for $1495.00 installed. Then come to your and tell you $2100.00 or whatever it may be. For those who do, that isn’t good advertising tactics, that’s fraudulent to get into your home to make a hard sale. And frankly that’s not a good way to capture a relationship with a new customer. As …

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Furnace Repair Chicago

Furnace Repair Chicago reminds all Chicagoans that winter is here and it is very cold outside. If your furnace or boiler has been giving you problems in the past or you had flood damage and you have not had the chance to fix your furnace, heater, or boiler, it might be a good idea to start finding a HVAC contractor in Chicago to get pricing on the repairs you may need. Sometimes repairing old furnaces or boilers is not a good idea. How will you know if a replacement furnace verses a repair is needed? Your natural gas bills may be a good indicator. Also, constantly having to repair your old furnace or boiler may be a good indicator.  Multiple repairs can be costly, and if you weigh the cost of repairs verses a standard furnace, they may equalize. What I mean is that if you get a standard 80% – 83% efficient …

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Chicago Heating Repair

It’s BELOW FREEZING already! Chicago winter seems to have come early this year. Seems like just yesterday it was warm enough to not wear a jacket. Now the daily temperatures are well below freezing, and are especially frigid with the windchill. Even if your Chicago home is well insulated, this weather can drop your interior temperatures dramatically. If you need to run your furnace most of the day, you need to make sure it’s working properly. Ineffective or malfunctioning furnaces can be costly and potentially dangerous. There’s nothing worse in the winter than coming home to a chilly apartment, condo, or home interior. With larger residential buildings, most landlords are reluctant to fix furnace problems quickly. With weather this cold, your furnace repairs need cannot wait. Our furnace repair services are preformed by professional, highly trained technicians. This way we can guarantee our customers that your furnace will be repaired …

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New Furnace Chicago

Bringing comfort to you! Are you in the market for a new furnace or a new boiler?  Most people want to know which furnace or boiler is the best, who can install it, and which brand can they trust. Do pushy salesmen look out for my best interest or are they just trying to make a sale? Do I turn to a big company so that the odds of my warranties being covered are greater? Do I use a small company in hopes they will give me a fair price and a nice installation? Will a small heating and air conditioning contractor be around long enough to cover my new furnace or boiler warranty? At Around The Town Heating and Cooling, we try to answer all of those above questions by offering a no salesmen approach. Although we are a small company,  we guarantee your warranties will always be honored. Heating …

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Basement Flooding In Chicago

Basement Flooding In Chicago has run a muck in the last couple of days. Basement flooding in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs has been horrific and our phones are ringing off the hooks for assistants. The problem is there are more people with flooded basements then there are of us to assist you.  We will help the best way we can. If your insurance company don’t offer no assistants, the Governor of Illinois issues a State Of Emergency. What this means to you is there may be water damage financial assistants there for you. Check the web for storm water damage assistants in Illinois.  The dates to correspond with April 17th and 18th. However we do have heating technicians available to fix your furnace, boiler or hot water tank if needed. Basement flooding in Chicago can be avoided if the city would open their flood gates a bit sooner.  But …

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Exceptional Chicago Boiler Repair

Chicago boiler repair is the leading Chicago area residential boiler service company. We specialize in boiler repair, boiler cleaning, boiler inspections or certifications and residential and light commercial boiler installations. Chicago boiler repair, their installers, and service technicians are trained to think on their feet and to adapt to any boiler installation or repair issues that may arise. If they don’t know the solution then they call Big Ed. Chicago boiler repair see’s quite a few issues, from incorrect boiler installations to bypassed boiler safeties, to a service company that doesn’t have the right part. Many times these bypassed safeties are never repaired correctly and the life of the boiler decreases tenfold. The most important fact about bypassed safeties is that the homeowners/tenants lives are put at risk. Many times home owners and land lords don’t want to spend the money for proper repairs or installations of their boiler. People …

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