Alternatives to R-22 can cost you more than you think!

Refrigerant R-22 alternatives are not the greatest thing since sliced bread, however it is an alternative to the high dollar cost of R-22 which is considered an Ozone depleting chemical. Refrigerant R-22 is being phased out faster than originally proposed under the Montreal protocol rule.

If you have an R-22 air conditioning system and it’s in need of repair due to lack of refrigerant, have your A/C contractor locate and repair the leak. However the smart money on a leaky R-22 system is to have an upgraded 410A air conditioning system installed. This sounds so easy, but it’s true; let me explain.

If you choose a cheaper refrigerant alternative to R-22, many manufacturers will not honor your warranty.  Of course the majority of R-22 air conditioning system warranties will soon expire. Let me explain. Unless you had an extended warranty plan, older air conditioning systems prior to 2005 were warrantied for 5 years on compressors and parts. So your warranty would expire anyway. After 2005 and later, the compressor and parts had a 10 year warranty with registration.

Therefore, if your R-22 air conditioning system has leaks and is an older unit, here are some options.

  • You can have the AC system leak located and repaired.
  • You can have the leak repaired and use the upgraded cheaper refrigerant R-22 alternative refrigerant.
  • Or the smart money is on the new ozone friendly 410A refrigerant A/C system
  • Or you can try the product described below.

If the cost is too high to repair the refrigerant leak, ask your air conditioning contractor about A/C Easy Seal by Nu-Calgon. This is a safe and cheaper repair than refrigerant R-22 alternatives. Our experience shows 90%. If all the R-22 has been removed from the system, the chances of success are less than 30%. However we had injected an easy seal into such systems and it had worked. Proper installation, evacuation and charging procedures should be followed.

Above is a cheaper solution to finding leaks with dye and UV lights. Locating leaks with dye and UV lights in A/C systems can prove costly. So think of all your options before spending your hard earned cash on any refrigerant leak or related options.

Thanks Big Ed