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HVAC service call diagnostic

HVAC service call diagnostic fees can vary from company to company. A reputable company will also offer a timeframe for their diagnostic fee that sets them apart from the competition. For a hvac service call diagnostic furnace diagnostic, we allow 1 hour. There are many instances where the homeowner, another HVAC contractor or for that […]

Why Boiler Cleaning is Critically Important

Boiler Cleaning and Maintenance Boiler cleaning is a critical for safe operations during the winter months. Fall is approaching and soon the heat will be turned to heat in the evenings. Boiler Repair Emergency Below pictures will show why it’s important have your boiler tuned up or maintained. Our technician was performing boiler maintenance near […]

1 Tip to Reduce Allergies

1 Tip to Reduce Allergies

Many Illinois Residents are suffering this year from bad allergies and difficulty breathing. Common Allergies Asthma Allergic rhinitis Itchy skin Hives Dog Allergies Cat Allergies Summer Allergies Fall Allergies Spring Allergies Winter Allergies Hay Fever Mold Allergies Pollen Allergies Dust Allergies Chemical Allergies Pet dander Mold and bacteria can thrive in a variety of conditions […]

My Central Air Conditioning Unit Is Blowing Warm Air! What Do I Do?

AC Repair

Troubleshooting Your Central Air Conditioner: Why It’s Blowing Warm Air There’s nothing worse than turning on your central air conditioning on a warm day only to find it blowing warm air. As we brace for another hot Chicago summer, it’s crucial to ensure your AC is ready to keep your home cool. If your central […]

Illinois Lockdown – Around the The Town Heating & Cooling Open for Business

As you may have heard, Governor Pritzker today issued a lockdown for the state of Illinois, effective Saturday.  The order will require residents to “shelter in place” until further notice.  All “non-essential businesses” will be ordered to close. Providing HVAC equipment and services to Chicago residences and businesses is considered essential work. Therefore Around The Town […]

How to Find a Professional Chicago AC Repair Contractor

Chicago AC Repair

How to Find a Professional AC Repair Contractor in Chicago Finding a professional AC repair contractor in Chicago is crucial for ensuring your air conditioning system functions efficiently and safely. Licensed AC repair contractors are required to have extensive knowledge and the proper certifications to handle the complexities of AC systems, especially in a city […]